Algeria weather: rain and thunderstorms alert in 6 wilayas on September 21

Since the beginning of this week, the National Office of Meteorology (ONM) has been constantly announcing rain and storm alerts in more than ten wilayas of the country.

For this day of September 21, 2022, 6 wilayas are concerned by this alert. These cities are: In-gueezam, Bordj-Badji-Mokhtar, Tebessa, Batna, Tindouf, Khenchla.

The sky will be overcast to cloudy with some clearings over the northern regions of the country including Bouira, Annaba, Oran. In particular, it is possible to find a few thunderstorms in different cities on the Algerian coast.

As for the Saharan regions, in the southwest, the central Sahara, the oases and the eastern Sahara, the sky will be partially cloudy. While in the rest of the regions, including the south-eastern Sahara, the weather will be clear to partially overcast in the wilayas used to high temperatures.

Temperatures for September 21, 2022

Regarding the temperatures forecast today, they vary between 21 and 30°C in the coastal regions, between 26 and 24°C in the interior regions of the country and between 34 and 43°C in the Saharan regions.

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