Algeria weather: wind alert on coastal regions this November 21

Winter and cold have definitely settled in Algeria in recent days, and this will continue with relatively cold weather in the highlands for today.

For this Monday, November 21, 2022, the National Meteorological Office (ONM) has issued a level 1 special weather report (BMS) for winds that will affect certain wilayas in the north of the country.
This BMS will affect the following wilayas: Algiers, Tipaza, Tizi Ouzou, Chlef, Mostaganem, Ain Temouchent, Boumerdès and Oran.

What are the forecasts for November 21?

For this Monday’s forecast, Météo Algérie, forecasts a clear sky in the west which will gradually veil, with strong winds which will affect the coastal regions. Rain is expected overnight.

Regarding the central and eastern regions of the country, the ONM announces a partially cloudy sky with winds that will mark the coastal wilayas. Then during the night we will note rain showers sometimes stormy locally on the coasts and the interior regions.

In addition, we will note a fairly clear sky over the Saharan regions, with a sky that will become cloudier at the end of the day over the northern Sahara and the oases.

What will the temperatures be on Monday?

To conclude, the average temperatures expected this Monday, November 21 show a slight drop3, especially in the northern regions. They will therefore oscillate between 15 and 20°C in the coastal regions, between 09 and 18°C ​​in the interior regions of the country and between 15 and 30°C in the Saharan regions.

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