Algerian Nazih Dehouche wins the 2023 Arabic Digital Content Prize in Beirut

Algerian Nazih Dehouche wins the 2023 Arabic Digital Content Prize in Beirut

Algeria is full of talent. Skills that stand out in different fields at national and international level. Whether it’s Art, cinema, science and innovation, Algerians manage to find a place for themselves in many events.

In this wake, Algeria won another distinction, thanks to the skills of one of these researchers. Who managed to stand out in Beirut, during the Arab Forum for Sustainable Development in 2023.

Innovation: Algerian developer Nazih Dehouche stands out in Beirut

Indeed, during this event, a competition was organized, from March 14 to 16, to reward the winners who manage to distinguish themselves among 95 projects belonging to and researchers from 18 Arab countries. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) has awarded the 2023 Digital Content Prize to Algerian Nazih Dehouche.

If the latter succeeded in winning this prize, it is thanks to his project centered on learning Arabic letters in a modern and innovative way. Considered by the juries of this competition as a project that offers high quality educational content while opting with a touch of entertainment, the latter allowed the Algerian developer Nazih Dehouche to win the prize for Arabic digital content in the business category.

A graduate of the University of Technological Sciences of Houari Boumediene, programming expert Nazih Dehouche is at the head of his start-up, Synoos Studio, thanks to his advanced skills in his field, he has managed to win numerous awards at the international.

Algerian Developer Nazih Dehouch Wins 2023 Arabic Digital Content Award


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