Algerian team: when a TV consultant openly criticizes Belmadi

A consultant from a sports television channel took the liberty of severely criticizing national coach Djamel Belmadi. He blamed him for losing control of his group, especially after removing Andy Delort from the banned list.

And yet nicknamed “Minister of Happiness”, Djamel Belmadi has been the subject of some criticism since the last two failures of the national team, namely the elimination of the first round of CAN-2021 and the next World Cup in Qatar. . Some consultants have challenged some of the national coach’s choices after revealing a list of 24 players selected for the current month’s internship.

We quote, among others, the consultant of the private sports television channel “El-Heddaf TV” Amine Aksas. The least we can say is that he knocked out the Greens driver, especially after calling on Andy Delort who was, however, on the banned list.

Aksas openly criticizes Belmadi

Indeed, the former defender of the CRB, the ESS or even the MCA was not kind to Djamel Belmadi. He allowed himself to rant, blaming the national coach for the poor management of the group.

“Frankly, the national coach has lost control of his group. He doesn’t know what he is doing. This is not at all the case for 2018. The Delort affair is proof of this. After everything said about the player, he took him off the banned list. A player that Algeria has made a name for him”. Says Aksas, on the set of the sports program “100% foot”.

Aksas didn’t stop there. He did not hide from expressing his doubts about the “nationalism” of the OGC Nice striker. “In my opinion, Delort has no connection with Algeria. They say he comes from an Algerian mother, but I don’t think he has anything Algerian about him”.

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