Algiers: a former policeman, figure of Hirak, placed under warrant

He was one of the first to join the popular Hirak movement. Zahir Moulaoui, a former police officer, was remanded in custody by the court of Sidi M’hamed in Algiers.

The decision was taken yesterday Tuesday by the investigating judge of the same court. Considered to be one of the Hirak figures, Zahir Moulaoui was arrested on October 5 during an attempted demonstration in Béjaïa; to commemorate the 33rd anniversary of the events of October 1988.

Arrested by the security services on October 5, Zahir Moulaoui was taken to the central police station in Béjaïa where he remained in police custody until yesterday; day of his transfer to Algiers for his presentation before the court of Sidi M’hamed.

October 5, 2021 marked by a wave of arrests

Coinciding with the 33rd anniversary of the events of October 1988, the day of October 5 was marked by a wave of arrests in several wilayas. The arrests affected dozens of activists and militants.

Indeed, there are no less than 70 arrests made in at least 11 wilayas, including Algiers, Oran and Béjaia. Several people arrested during that day were subsequently released. However, other activists were placed in police custody and then placed under judicial supervision or under a warrant of committal.

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