Algiers airport: new measures to strengthen security

Lately the airport of Algiers has recorded an incalculable number of incidents and facts; which have affected its credibility as an international forum. Especially in terms of security. This prompted the competent authorities to take new decisions concerning him.

In this wake, the Minister of Transport proceeded, on June 18, 2022, to the installation of two new officials. These include that of Air Algérie but also the new CEO of Algiers airport. To this end, Abdallah Moundji noted some malfunctions recorded at Algiers airport. While emphasizing the dissatisfaction of travelers vis-à-vis some of its services, in particular those relating to baggage handling.

But not only, the Minister of Transport also raised the issue of security within Houari Boumediene airport, but also the management of travelers and their luggage. Thus, Moundji invited the new CEO of this airport structure to strengthen the performance of checkpoints, but also to support the security of travelers and their luggage.

New measures for more fluidity at Algiers airport

Thus, the new CEO of Algiers airport, Mohamed Layache Akacem, is required to establish a new organization and new measures; to limit the waiting times suffered by Algerian travelers. Measures to check and receive baggage as quickly as possible.

Concerning the management of the personnel of this airport, Moundji instructed its CEO to set up a new reorganization of these employees. In order to allow Houari Boumediene airport to operate permanently, while responding to the different needs of passengers and ensuring their safety.

Yacine Benslimane at the head of Air Algerie

The aviation sector experienced a series of decisions on this Saturday, June 18. Indeed, the Minister of Transport has also ensured the official installation of Yacine Benslimane at the head of Air Algérie. In an intervention in the national channel, the latter listed some of the missions entrusted to him.

This concerns in particular the revision of the internal organization of the national air carrier, but also the strengthening of its fleet, in response to the instructions of President Tebboune.

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