Alias ​​’Memo Fantasma’, Released due to expiration of terms

was released due to expiration of terms to Guillermo León Acevedo, aka ‘Ghost Memo’investigated for money laundering and illicit enrichment.

According to the 40th guarantee control judge, 242 days have passed since the filing of the indictment and to date the trial against ‘Memo Fantasma’, who was deprived of liberty in July 2021, has not started.

The former paramilitary Guillermo León Acevedo, alias ‘Memo Fantasma’, is accused by the Prosecutor’s Office, along with his family, of launder money from the Central Bloc of the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia through the purchase and sale of 46 properties, valued at more than 54 billion pesos that they have not been able to justify.

Alias ​​’Memo Fantasma’ is accused of the crimes of money laundering aggravated, illicit enrichment of individuals and conspiracy to commit an aggravated crime.

Despite staying in freedom due to expiration of terms will continue to be linked to the process for allegedly finance paramilitary groups.

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