Alice Bong Reveals Her Beautiful Genshin Impact Lisa Minci Cosplay

Genshin Impact It’s one of the video game that inspire the most cosplayer communityAs artists from all over the world step up to perform amazing characterizations of their favorite characters, this time we’ll be looking in great detail at a beautiful universe-themed cosplay created by miHoYo, from the perspective of beloved Electro witch, Lisa. .

Something that seems really curious to us is that Lisa Minciis one of the female characters that has been most taken as a source of inspiration by the cosplayer community, in which beautiful models manage to bring her to real life, this time by the beloved model Alice Bongbetter known as hheadshhotin his official account of instagram.

Lisa Minci is undoubtedly one of the favorites in the world of cosplay. Now, for example, Alice Bong offers us her own Lisa cosplay. The costume chosen by the model for Lisa’s cosplay is the most realistic version of the character, with each of the details incorporated in the popular miHoYo video game, although we can see that great detail is not done to the rest of her figure, so that we might see more of this session in the future.

Despite the fact that in the past we have already seen some characterizations that have stolen our hearts, Lisa Minci’s cosplay is not far behind, since she manages to charm us at first sight and gives us a glimpse of how she would look in real life. , with a more than charming appearance that is the dream of every fan of the beloved video game.

The big hat, the neck pendant and the embroidery of the suit are faithful to the character of Genshin Impact, so we conclude that it is a cosplay faithful to the version that we appreciate in our video game adventure, the fans did not wait, Since after making a publication on her official Instagram account, she managed to get a lot of praise from her fans and we hope to see more of these characterizations in the future.

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