Alice: Madness Returns – Not available on Steam again

Actually, game developers would have to American McGee and the Spicy Horse Games studio renamed Alice Madness Returns to Alice Madness Vanishes, that’s how rare the title is on Steam to acquire. After the sequel to Alice was not available on Valve’s gaming platform for a full six years and then returned for a few months at the beginning of the year, it is now once again not available for purchase on Steam.

On the Steam page of the game the following note can be read instead of the buy button: “At the request of the publisher, Alice: Madness Returns (buy now ) No longer for sale on Steam.” That Disappear in the past was probably due to issues with verification that publishers EA didn’t want to fix.

Why is Alice Madness Returns kicked off Steam again?

But now something else is behind the renewed problems, namely the current project Spicy Horse Games. That answers to the name Akaneiro: Demon Hunters and is intended to combine the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood with Japanese mythology. Like American McGee on twitter announced, there were probably problems with Akaneiro, which is why they wanted to remove the title from Steam for the time being.

Apparently there was an error in the process, which is why all games from the developer studio are no longer available on Steam: Next Alice Madness Returns are with it too The gate and all episodes of grim affected. Because EA does not act as a publisher for them, this cannot have anything to do with the previous verification problem.

In the Steam reviews of the game some mock the renewed problems or express their sadness. A user jokes: “The availability of this game is as reliable as Steam support.” However, another writes: “One of my favorite players of all time, I beat it on Origin in 2019. It saddens me that it seems to have disappeared from Steam again.”

Despite the average Metacritic scores of 75 With almost 10,000 reviews on Steam, Alice Madness Returns achieves a very positive rating and thus enjoys great popularity among players. If you want to enjoy the crazy adventure on the PC at the moment, you have to go to Steam instead Origin where you can buy the game for 9.99 euros. EA Play Subscribers can even play Alice Madness Returns for free.

Source: Alice Madness Returns on Steam / AmericanMcGee on Twitter

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