Alicia (Married at first sight) soon to be a mom? : she makes a clarification on the subject

Alicia and Bruno spin the perfect love since their union in Married at first sight. This Tuesday, August 2, the two lovers celebrated their ten months of marriage by organizing a live with their subscribers. Asked about a possible baby, the nurse made things clear.

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Science was not wrong. Alicia and Bruno are still spinning the perfect love, ten months after their marriage during season 6 of Married at first sight. The compatibility between the two lovers had been estimated at 83% by specialists on the show and the experience proved conclusive for the 28-year-old nurse and the 31-year-old civil engineer. They are now delighted to finally be able to live their love in broad daylight and regularly share their daily life with their subscribers on Instagram. Absolutely inseparable, the two lovers have also chosen to live together.

“When we have the click, it will come”

This Tuesday, August 2, Alicia and Bruno wanted to celebrate their ten months of relationship with their subscribers by organizing a live where they agreed to answer all the questions they still had about them and the adventure they had. lived. Bruno notably returned in detail to his ankle injury. But a question often came up during this exchange: does the couple plan to become parents in the short term? Asked about his “baby project”Alicia chose to set things straight with her followers. “I’m not going to note baby in my diary. It’s when we both want it. When we have the click, it will come. But in any case, it’s not relevant, she first hammered. Before pushing a little rant on those who scrutinize his appearance. “Everyone says I’ve gained weight but I’m not pregnant. Stop saying I’m pregnant because the more you say ‘I am pregnant’, the more I am telling myself that I have gained weight. And the more it hurts me so stop!”, she got annoyed. Bruno confirmed later in the live that their rhythm of life did not allow them to calmly welcome a child for the moment.

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The two lovers have a common project

The two lovers, on the other hand, plan to renew their vows, as they had already indicated on the social network. “It’s a project we’re thinking about.”, Alicia had reported. If the union contracted in Married at first sight is indeed a real marriage, as she clarified again, the couple regrets, on the other hand, not having been able to invite all their relatives during the ceremony broadcast on M6. “As there was no church, we plan to renew one day and above all to have more guests”had affirmed the companion of Bruno.

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