Aliens, da Hasbro la replica Nerf del Pulse Blaster M41-A

Hasbro, in collaboration with 20th Century Studios and the Aliens brand, shows the public a cult object that will surely be desired by every fan (or hunter) of xenomorphs. The Pulse Rifle better known as the Pulse Blaster M41-A joins the Nerf line, the toys shoots foam rubber darts. The Nerf Pulse Blaster is proposed on the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the film with the mold that faithfully reproduces the weapon used by Ripley against the Xenomorphs. The rifle will be equipped with dedicated magazines and double triggers and (hear this) a counter with the remaining shots in a small display on the side of the same.

If you are thinking “Hey, but the Pulse Blaster isn’t yellow”We tell you immediately that yes, you are right but this version also wants to pay homage to the legendary Power Loader in its design, which boasts yellow colors alternating with yellow-black bands. Then not a small detail, Hasbro does not sell weapons and in proposing a product to an 8+ range it must necessarily offer it in colors that do not recall a military type weapon, which then, let’s face it, so it is even cooler.

Among the contents of the package we know that there will be 10 elite darts and 3 mega darts. The manufacturer recommends purchasing 4 x 1.5v batteries and protective goggles, not supplied. The Nerf Pulse Blaster will be packaged in collector’s packaging and as this is a limited edition it will be possible buy it only from the United States at a cost of 95 dollars with estimated output for October 2022. If you have contacts in the states you just have to activate them before it goes sold-out in the meantime we provide you with a list (to this address) of many other Nerf products, among which you can also find those branded Fortnite, with which you can have fun (and train) while waiting for the legendary Pulse Blaster.

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