"Aline": Valérie Lemercier reacts to criticism from a brother and sister of Celine Dion

The actress and director defended her film, recalling that it is primarily a fiction and not a “documentary”.

“I don’t want to apologize for making this film because I like it, this film”. Valérie Lemercier, targeted by criticism from Claudette and Michel, older sister and brother of Celine Dion, defended her film Aline in the columns of the site Press.

Guests Tuesday evening on the set of a Canadian show, Claudette and Michel Dion let it be known that they had not appreciated this film, denouncing a scenario too far removed from reality, and “inaccuracies”. Valérie Lemercier, actress and director of the film, has however always stressed that it was indeed a fiction, freely inspired by the life and career of Celine Dion.

“This is not a documentary”

“We were so careful. I did not want to spoil this family, these characters. We took great care to present them as heroes, which they are for me, in any case,” assured Valérie. Lemercier, who “does not want to [s’]’apologize for making this film “.

“It’s cinema. It’s not a documentary, it’s a fiction. It says at the beginning of the film: there are things which are not true, which are of the order of the imagination of Brigitte Buc and I, who wrote the screenplay, ”she recalled.

“Yes, it’s true, we didn’t ask Celine Dion by putting a diamond ring in her ice cream in Italy, but it’s a pretty story. Celine had 15 houses, but we don’t. sees that three, “admitted the actress. “And I concentrated all the brothers in one because you can’t have 25 main characters in a film. Making a film is also about making choices.”

“We can’t please everyone”

Valérie Lemercier confided that “other people of the family” of Celine Dion, “who did not express themselves publicly, really liked the film”. “The family is big,” she recalled. “You can’t please everyone”.

The director and actress also regrets being pinned for her film, when “there are so many imitators who do such nasty things about Celine on your television, on our radio …”, according to her.

“Imitators who call René-Charles defrosted, that doesn’t shock anyone, but my film does,” she said. “It’s funny that it creates a controversy when there have been so many gratuitous and mean teasing that has been said about Celine, about her relationship, over the years.”

In Aline, Valérie Lemercier plays Aline Dieu, Celine Dion’s cinematographic double, from childhood to adulthood. For the director, talking about Aline Dieu and not Celine Dion – an idea of ​​Brigitte Buc, with whom she wrote the film – allows her to have a certain distance, which is beneficial for the film. “It allows you to put a little of yourself in it, it allows you to invent things. It is not a Wikipedia file,” she confided on November 7 to BFMTV.

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