All About The Last of Us Part I: Data, Pricing, Improvements, and More

The Last of Us Part I, the remake of the first game, is one of the most anticipated titles of the second half of 2022. Revealed already considerably close to its release, the game will show the journey of Joel and Ellie in a version completely recreated from the ground up to the PlayStation 5. With a new generation look, the title also promises changes in its gameplay to make it even more interesting.


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The Last of Us Part I will be released for PlayStation 5 on September 2, 2022. The game has also been confirmed for PC, but there is still no date revealed.

New look

Image: Naughty Dog/Reproduction

Released 10 years ago for the PlayStation 3, The Last of Us has become one of the greatest exclusives in Sony’s history, being one of the games that marked the seventh generation of consoles. At the time, the title impressed with its excellent visuals, with plenty of realism and impressive facial expressions.

Now, Naughty Dog promises that the advancement of technology has allowed really considerable changes to emerge. With the game being completely remade, the developers guarantee that the remake will “push the limits of visual fidelity”.

Improved gameplay

In addition to the totally new look, following the evolution of the PS5, the remake of The Last of Us also promises to present modernized gameplay. While many gamers consider the first title to be quite sluggish, the remake should come closer to what was seen in The Last of Us Part II. Naughty Dog states that it wants to “allow even more people to enjoy the game”, while the title features refined combat.

Prices and editions

Image: Naughty Dog/Reproduction
Image: Naughty Dog/Reproduction

The Last of Us Part I was announced with three different editions, namely Standard, Digital Deluxe and Firefly Edition. For now, the Firefly edition has not yet been confirmed for Brazil.

  • Standard Edition: BRL BRL 350
  • Digital Deluxe: BRL 400
  • Firefly Edition: $100 (US only)

By pre-ordering the game, the player receives extra skill supplements and additional weapon parts as a bonus.

What’s in the Digital Deluxe Edition:

  • Increased crafting speed skill
  • Increased Recovery Speed ​​skill
  • Improved 9mm reload speed boost
  • Improved Rifle magazine capacity increase
  • Explosive Arrows Gameplay Modifier
  • Punk Dotted Filter
  • Speedrun Mode
  • Six weapon skins

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