All design details: Google simply shows the Pixel Watch now

A year after the first rumors, the time has come – and that’s before the hardware event in early October: Google allows a closer look at the design of the Pixel Watch in a video. Of course, you can also see new watch faces.

In 51 seconds you get to see more of the Pixel Watch than before

Yes, of course you can ask: it’s just another Android smartwatch, what’s exciting about it? If you are interested in technology, then the topic “Smartwatch Watch from Google” is undoubtedly a very old acquaintance, from which you unfortunately only didn’t know the face so well. The first plans and rumors about a Pixel Watch go back years. Then Google gave a very brief first official look at the I/O 2022 in-house exhibition. With the current release of a video that shows the upcoming first model in all its glory for a little longer, the eternal story of the secret Google watch is now coming to an end.

Google puts a clear focus on staging the Pixel Watch’s glass, which is curved on all sides. The watch is also shown on a wrist – whether Google lives up to its self-proclaimed design claim of “unmistakable and yet unobtrusive” for the Pixel Watch is of course in the eye of the beholder. In any case, the dials are also important for the look of a smartwatch, here you can attest to a minimalist approach to the options shown. But what also catches the eye: Google makes an effort to hide the display bezels, which are quite large compared to other models.

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

Google Pixel Watch

Google is now “leaking” itself

The publication of the video also marks another innovation. On October 6th, Google invited to a hardware event. Instead of leaving it up to the leakers to publish information in advance, in recent months the company has increasingly focused on controlling the conversation itself at an early stage. There are usually only a few surprises left for the events: exact prices and dates for availability.

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