All lives matter: Firefighters rescue kitten stuck on top of pole

He still has his seven lives. Demonstrating that all lives are important and none is worth more than another, be it a person or an animal, volunteer firefighters rescued a small kitten that was at the top of a pole full of electrical cables, in the Gamarra commercial emporium, in La Victoria .

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After receiving a request for help from neighbors, shoppers, passers-by and merchants in block six of Jirón Humboldt, members of the British Fire Brigade (BFB) Victoria 8 Volunteer Fire Company went to the emergency room and, after a few minutes of analyze the situation, they climbed the parante.

Using a ladder, one of the men in red climbed up a few at a time and, speaking nicely, was able to touch the pussycat without it attacking him, getting tangled up or trying to move.

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Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters
Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters

After a few minutes of tension on the part of the people, the cat agreed to be grabbed and was lowered into the arms of the firefighter.

Fortunately, there was no discharge despite the fact that the place is a web of cables.

Once on solid ground, the kitten was able to breathe easy and the firefighters were applauded by dozens of people who appreciated the rescue. “Long live the firefighters! They save many people and animals!”, were some of the phrases they said.

Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters
Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters
Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters
Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters

It is still unknown how the kitten got up and how long it was there, but there is no doubt that it avoided losing one of its seven lives.

Everything happened in the afternoon and the firefighters know this. “Little animals also deserve our attention. Always at the service of the community”they posted on their Facebook page after the rescue.

Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters
Rescue moment / Facebook: Firefighters


BY DRAFTING TROME: The cats They are very independent animals and because they belong to the family of felines Generally, their good or bad health is not strongly related to their behavior, as it is with children. dogs, who express in various behaviors how healthy they are. Now, just because it is difficult to know if a kitten is in good health, it does not mean that it is impossible.

Doctor Juan Alvarado from the ‘Engreídos’ Veterinary Clinic explains some of the characteristics that a cat healthy and happy.

Position. The cats they are the masters of balance, they must walk smoothly and constantly.

Ears. Pinkish in color and without brown or black cerumen because it is a sign of the presence of mites.

Eyes. Bright and clear, without rheum or presence of fleshiness.

Whiskers. Tempered and in equal proportion both to the right and to the left of his face.

Nose. Velvety and slightly rough texture. There should be no discharge from any of your nostrils.

Mouth. With pink palate and gums, no bad breath. The teeth must be whole and without excess tartar.

Fur. Pleasant to the touch and without wounds, baldness or parasites (eg fleas). A thick, dry coat can be a sign of unbalanced nutrition.

Nail. No flaking or ripping and no wound pads.

Year. Clean and without signs of diarrhea or irritation.


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