Alleged assailant is in serious condition after being shot in the chest in Aristobulus

Thursday, November 25, 2021 | 6:10 p.m.

A merchant from Aristóbulo del Valle defended himself to the shots of an assault that occurred on Thursday afternoon and due to the fact a 33-year-old man, an alleged assailant, remains hospitalized with risk of death. The Misiones Police also detained a 15-year-old minor from whom a cell phone stolen in the robbery was seized.

Regarding the situation of the worker, identified by the authorities involved in the incident as Leonardo S. (55), he is still at large, but he was notified of a criminal case for serious injuries and illegal possession of a firearm. The investigation is in charge of the Court of Instruction One of Oberá, presided over by the substitute judge Horacio Alarcón.

As El Territorio learned, the alleged assailant, Matías M. (33) had been on probation since March of this year, when he left the Oberá Penal Unit. The Criminal Court One of Oberá had sentenced him to five years in prison for qualified robbery, that is, also for an armed robbery. His sentence was to be exhausted within a year, in November 2022.

The incident occurred yesterday at around 4:30 p.m., in a mini-market located on Avenida Antártida Argentina de Aristobulo. According to the owner of the place, he was tending the premises together with a 20-year-old employee when two criminals appeared at the place.

One of them immediately went to him and put a butcher-type knife to his neck, demanding the money from the box under threats. The other, meanwhile, pounced on the young woman who works in the place and tried to attack her. It was then that he decided to act.

Always according to this story, in the midst of all that tension, he managed to take a weapon that was on the counter and fired two shots at the assailants, who fled quickly. One of them escaped with the worker’s cell phone, but the other, badly injured, could only reach the sidewalk of the place. There he collapsed due to the gunshot wound and was later found there by the Mission Police officers who arrived at the scene.

Matías M. (33) was treated and transferred to the local hospital, where his referral was arranged to the Samic de Oberá, a hospital where he was fighting for his life last night. He entered a drug coma and suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. He remains in intensive care with an artificial respirator and awaits his evolution for a surgical intervention.

The merchant, meanwhile, the complaint for qualified theft was taken and he was notified of the investigation against him. At the scene, the professionals of the Scientific Police seized a butcher-type knife and a long 22-caliber revolver, in addition to three served pods and seven cartridges.

The judicial investigation will advance to corroborate how the events happened, but the merchant – at least for now – will continue the process at liberty.

On the other hand, the investigators continued with the investigations and established that Matías M.’s accomplice could be a minor domiciled in the YPF neighborhood. This is why, with the collaboration of various commissions, an operation was mounted in the area, which resulted in a positive result at night.

The teenager had in his possession the cell phone stolen from the shop worker, it was seized. Because of his age, the young man was given to his father for guard and care.

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