Alleged marijuana collection center raided

Tuesday, November 22, 2022 | 7:34 a.m.

A warehouse in Posadas was raided yesterday by the Argentine National Gendarmerie, in which more than a ton of marijuana was seized, according to sources from the force told El Territorio the day before.

The procedure was carried out after a large deployment on Humberto Pérez avenue, between 144 and 148 streets, in the Mini City neighborhood of the provincial capital.

Yesterday the details were handled with great secrecy. The raid began at mid-morning and took place for several hours with the presence of different mobile phones and troops at the scene.

What is known is that it is an investigation carried out by the Federal Court of Posadas, in charge of Judge Verónica Skanata, which emerged from a central cause.

The place would function as a collection point for the drug, which was then conditioned and taken to other urban centers.

It was detailed that the load, close to 1,300 kilograms, had arrived in a punt to the site. In the shed there were several machines of this style.

Precisely the confirmation of the presence of the drug was what activated the procedure, after the corresponding judicial authorization.

Until yesterday, the uniformed officers had indicated that no detainees had been registered, nor had other points been raided.

The residents of the neighborhood, which is very close to the Governor’s residence, were very surprised by the deployment of force.

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