Allegedly still civilians in the Azovstal plant, Kyiv hopes for quick EU accession – that happened during the night

Of the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy hopes that his country will be granted EU candidate status as early as June. He said that on Monday evening in his daily video address. Hours earlier, around 1,000 pages of documents had been handed over to Brussels in response to the famous questionnaire on EU membership.

Signed in Washington US President Joe Biden a law facilitating the delivery of armaments to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries. At the same time, he urged Congress to approve a billion-euro package for Kyiv soon.

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From the Russian side there were several Rocket attacks against the port city of Odessa.
The events at a glance:

  • “Today, we have on our way to the European Union took another step, an important and not only formal one,” said Zelenskyj on Monday evening in his daily video address. On Monday his country handed over the second half of the answers to the questionnaire that every state has to fill out to apply for membership. “It usually takes months, but we got it done within weeks.” He has worked with both EU Council President Charles Michel and with Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen talked about the European integration of Ukraine, Zelenskyj said. Both were impressed by the quick response to the questionnaire. He expects a positive response and candidate status for Ukraine in June.
  • US President Biden signed a law that – similar to the Lend-Lease Act of the Second World War – the Delivery of armaments to Ukraine and other Eastern European countries facilitated. Biden spoke of an “important tool in supporting the Ukrainian government and people in their fight to defend their country and democracy” against the war of Russian President Vladimir Putin. “The cost of the struggle is not small. But giving in to aggression is even more expensive.
  • Biden has asked Congress for quick approval of the billion-euro package he is requesting to help Ukraine. “I have the tools given me by a bipartisan majority in Congress Support for Ukrainian fighters were made available, almost exhausted,” said Biden. This could be the case in around ten days. “We cannot allow our aid supplies to be halted while we await further action from Congress.” Biden has Congress an additional $33 billion (31.3 billion euros) asked. Most of this sum – more than 20 billion dollars – is to be used for military aid.
  • Contrary to reports of the complete evacuation of all civilians from the besieged by Russian troops Azovstal plant in the Ukrainian port of Mariupol should always be there around 100 civilians stop. In addition, around 100,000 people were still in the badly damaged city, said regional head of administration Pavlo Kyrylenko on Monday evening. “It’s hard to say which of them wants to leave the city,” he was quoted as saying by Ukrajinska Pravda. Ukrainian troops have entrenched themselves in the Steelworks, the last bastion in Mariupol. In the past few days, several hundred women, children and the elderly have been evacuated from there with the help of the United Nations and the Red Cross. However, the Azovstal defenders did not want to rule out the possibility that civilians were still staying in some of the cellars on the extensive site.
  • at Russian missile attacks on the Ukrainian port city of Odessa At least one person was killed and five others injured on Tuesday night. This was reported by the Unian agency, citing the local military leadership. “The enemy maintains its psychological pressure and continues its hysterical attacks against peaceful civilians and civilian infrastructure,” it said. The city was shaken by numerous explosions in the evening. According to media reports, among other things, a shopping center and a warehouse were hit.
  • Shortly before that, according to the Ukrainian military, the Russian Air Force had several Kinzhal-type hypersonic missiles fired at Odessa. “Tourist objects” were hit and at least five buildings were destroyed, Ukrajinska Pravda reported. The port city in southern Ukraine has been the target of increased Russian rocket attacks since Sunday evening. Several rockets fell in the region on Monday afternoon during a visit by EU Council President Charles Michel to Odessa. As a result, Michel and Ukrainian Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal had to seek protection.

the Embassies of Russia in Europe according to a report by the RIA news agency, will not be closed. “This is not in line with our tradition,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Grushko told RIA. “We believe that the work of diplomatic missions is important.” On Monday, the Russian ambassador in Poland was surrounded by demonstrators doused with red paint when he wanted to lay flowers in a Soviet cemetery to mark the anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany.

Ukraine’s President Zelenskyj wants to meet in a Tuesday Video message to the Parliament of Slovakia turn. Against the background of the Ukraine war, the ministers responsible for digitization in the G7 countries are meeting in Düsseldorf to discuss how they can pull together more closely when it comes to cyber security. (AP, Reuters)

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