Alliance Lima vs. Sporting Cristal: Kevin Ortega will direct the second final

The second final between Alianza Lima and Sporting Cristal To determine the League 1 champion Betsson 2021, you already know the main referee in charge of dispensing justice. As reported by the RPP program Soccer as a field, it is about the FIFA judge, Kevin Ortega.

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Ortega He comes from being part of the retinue of referees that he led in early November in Saudi Arabia. Accompanied by Jonny Bossio and Michael Ouebe as linesmen, while Víctor Hugo Carrillo was in the VAR, Ortega was in command of the duel between Al Hilal and Damac FC for matchday 11 of the Saudi Professional League in Saudi Arabia, a match that had André Carrillo’s team as the winner 2-0.

Kevin Ortega’s controversy with Diego Penny

It should be remembered that Ortega was the protagonist of a controversy during 2021. The 1-1 draw between Sporting Cristal and San Martín University on September 3, Ortega expelled the ‘holy’ goalkeeper Diego Penny and, according to the player, he would have mentioned the mother.

Penny spoke to Code Fútbol and related what happened in the last minutes of the game, where Ortega showed her the red card. “He disrespects the players, the mother mentions the players. Thank God there is the image where all superb winks at me, where he tells me: I’m going to expel you c … ”, he pointed out.

The image that Penny refers to is one recorded by Gol Peru’s cameras during the broadcast of the match. Ortega can be seen winking at the goalkeeper at the time of expulsion.

Penny’s complaint was similar to that made by Marcio Valverde in the duel in which Alianza Lima lost the category at the end of 2020. The now former Sport Huancayo player pointed out: He insulted me on the field and when I scored the goal, you can see in the repetition, he runs after me and tells me: let’s see me celebrate and that he was going to expel me and my mother would tell me. That’s why I came running to tell the Commissioner. These arbitrations cannot be possible and he is a FIFA referee, he should be ashamed ”, he said.

For his part, Ortega defended himself against Penny’s accusations. “I come to speak not as the referee, but as a person. All the statements that Diego Penny has come out to express, I totally deny them all. To put the situation about the play in context a bit, mainly that he alleges that I have insulted him, I have disrespected him and it was a situation that I never listen to because I am far away, “he said.


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