Almost ten years later, the trial for sexual abuse of a man to his daughter began

Monday, September 19, 2022 | 8:36 a.m.

From this Monday, and for five consecutive days, the oral debate will be held in the Criminal Court One of Posadas for a resonant case of sexual abuse that has a 31-year-old man, son of a civil servant with a career, on the bench of the accused. in a public body of the province.

This is JRG (the details of his data are reserved to avoid re-victimization), who faces an accusation of “sexual abuse without carnal access, aggravated by setting up a seriously outrageous submission, qualified by the link, several facts in real contest”, crime that provides penalties of between 8 and 20 years in prison. The victim is his own daughter who was 5 years old at the time of the events.

The judges who will be in charge of the Court are Viviana Cukla, Ángel Dejesús Cardozo and Juan Manuel Monte, as substitutes. The accusation, meanwhile, will be in charge of María Laura Álvarez, head of the Correctional and Minors Prosecutor’s Office, who intervened in the elevation of the case to trial.

Lawyer Hugo Zapana will be a private plaintiff on behalf of the victim, while the accused will have the sponsorship of private defenders Eduardo Paredes and José Luis Rey. He comes free.

According to the schedule set for that week, in the first two days the maternal and paternal relatives of the victim will testify, while in the continuity of the hearings the testimony of at least 20 witnesses is expected, including experts, forensic experts and professionals. both in psychology and psychopedagogy who attended the child during the instruction stage.

The complaint almost a decade ago

The complaint of sexual abuse was made at the end of May 2013, when the girl told her maternal grandparents that she was suffering from pain and irritation in her genitals.

According to the order of elevation to trial, from that point the child’s maternal family delved into the matter, filed a police complaint and both the medical studies and the testimony of the girl given before professionals in the Gesell Chamber, a key element for the accusation. They confirmed the abuse.

It appears from the file that the man abused his daughter when he was in his care, according to the custody regime, since he was separated from the girl’s mother.

In all the time that had elapsed since the complaint, there were dozens of appeals filed by the defendant’s lawyers, which ended up delaying the start of the debate and the resolution of the case. They maintain that the abuse never existed.

“This case is tragic in some way because it confronted two families and I think it was a great confusion, there was no abuse, there is confusion due to the story made by the girl who tells the story of the Rapunzel movie and it is interpreted that she is a different story,” Paredes said a few days ago in a dialogue with a media outlet in the capital.

“The Gesell Chamber is the way in which the testimony of victims of abuse who are minors is received. In this case, the minor was eloquent. The psychological reports of the official experts say that she does not have an inoculated story. And that she could having lived what he recounted more than 9 years ago,” said Zapana, the plaintiff attorney, stating that “there is not one, but 50 pieces of evidence that indicate that the event existed and that the perpetrator is the person who is going to be sitting in the the dock of the accused”.

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