Alondra García Miró receives a rain of messages after Paolo Guerrero’s new romance becomes official

The Peruvian model Alondra García Miró has had a famous relationship with the captain of the Peruvian team, Paolo Guerrero, whose romance ended after several years of back and forth.

On this occasion, it has been the second time that Alondra García Miró and Paolo Guerrero separate and choose to take different paths despite the fact that both have a large legion of followers who would still like to see them together again.

However, Paolo Guerrero has just started a new relationship with the Brazilian dancer Ana Paola Consorte, so this rapprochement between Alondra and Paolo will not be possible for now.

Given this news, the model’s followers have not hesitated to leave her countless messages of love and support, after hearing the news of Paolo Guerrero’s new partner, who a few hours ago made her official as his new partner.

For many, Paolo Guerrero has quickly forgotten the Peruvian model, so the green-eyed woman has been covered by countless messages from her followers, who in the last hours are sending all their love to the beautiful Alito.

As is known, Guerrero now has a new girlfriend whom he made official on his Instagram social network with some photographs of both.

In addition, the “predator” allows Ana Paula to show intimate details of the life they would be leading together in Brazil, a fact that did not happen with Alondra García Miró because their relationship was totally anonymous and they barely followed each other on Instagram.

These are some of the comments towards Alondra that are read on social networks after the officialization of Paolo Guerrero and his new partner Ana Paula Consorte:

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