Already almost 8 thousand

China estimates that, within three years, its population will register a decrease. For several months, it has promoted policies to encourage pregnancies, since another forecast indicates that very soon a third of its population will be over 60 years old.

A country with an economy as active as this one faces a paradox. He lifted the ban that prevented married couples from having more than two children, but the population has not been receptive. In addition, more and more women prioritize their professional life over motherhood.

Thus, the passage of more than 1.4 billion people will soon register its first population decline in several decades.

By 2030, we will be 138 million Mexicans, ten million more than we are now. And maybe more, there’s no way that’s going to happen in China, the decline in the birth rate. Not at least for the full conscience and goal of the government. A few years ago, a campaign circulated on television and radio with a clear message: small families live better. Since then, more than three decades, no authority has bothered to review and update the policies related to family planning. And, if these programs exist, they are still insufficient. These data from the National Population Council exemplify it better: only 75 percent of women between 15 and 49 years old use some contraceptive to lead an active sexual life or plan their family. The majority of adolescents, 6 out of 10, are far from adopting any preventive method. And things get worse: the same percentage applies to indigenous women.

In 2021, the teen pregnancy rate was 17.3 percent among women ages 15 to 19, reported Inegi.

The institute also estimated that by 2030 this figure will decrease, but less than one percentage point, because there are no sex education campaigns and no debate is accelerated to ensure legal and free abortion as a right for pregnant people. Furthermore, according to these figures, being a mother before coming of age was the fifth leading cause of school dropout last year.

There are so many explanations, one of them: only 4 out of 10 adolescents know what the condom is for, of them, it is women who have greater clarity regarding its usefulness, detailed the 2021 National Health and Nutrition Survey, published a few days ago. This study details that men participate in family planning in ONE, yes, one in six pregnancies, either through the use of a condom, the practice of a vasectomy or the use of another contraceptive method.

Responsible? Everyone, but this is also where the absence of institutions to deal with this issue is evident. In Mexico, such an unequal country, there should be a constant campaign of sexual education, one that allows young people to live this very important stage of life and that, in turn, is a guarantor for the containment of population density. It has been so long since a campaign has been launched in this regard, neither has legislation been passed to grant tools for the configuration of the various types of family… soon the world will be home to 8 billion people. And while in some countries the lack of initiative is worrying, in others the issue remains a forgotten matter; Even if we all pay the consequences.

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