TROME - Álvaro Paz de la Barra is caught with Jamila Dahabreh while Sofía Franco is in Mexico with her son

Álvaro Paz de la Barra walks with Jamila Dahabreh while Sofía Franco is in Mexico with her son

AMPAY. The cameras of Magaly Tv La Firme they captured Alvaro Paz de la Barra strolling through a shopping center in Surco with none other than Jamila Dahabrehwith whom he was linked in August last year.

According to the magpie program, Sofia Francowife of the former mayor of La Molina, is in Mexico with her little son, while her husband was still publicly shown with the blonde.

It all happened last Sunday night, when Paz de la Barra’s sister, a companion, two men who would be security personnel, . The model and Álvaro were sitting together and he showed off a new look, a ponytail.

After eat They went for a walk and entered several clothing stores for men.. in one of themAlvaro Paz de la Barra he tries on a pair of pants and asks Jamila for approval. Then they went to a jewelry store but didn’t buy anything.

It should be noted that Alvaro Paz de la Barra and Jamila Dahabreh They were romantically linked in August of last year. A month later, when she announced her campaign for mayor, she claimed that she was trying to make amends with her family and called her alleged affair with the blonde “gossip” and “folly.”

From that moment he began to show off with Sofia Franco in his political campaign but once his party was rejected, so he ended his relationship with the television host and now he shows himself publicly with Jamila.

Former mayor and Jamila do not hide and were seen walking together through a well-known shopping center in Surco.

The former mayor of La Molina, Álvaro Paz de la Barra, used his WhatsApp status to attack Magaly Medina and incidentally her husband, the notary Alfredo Zambrano, apparently in response to a report in which he was mentioned, in ‘Magaly TV, The Firm’.

Magaly Medina he pulled out a little note from one of my outings stating that the car I go out in is no fuss. ”, began the message from the husband of Sofía de Franco.

But not everything was there, Peace of the Bar She also wrote that if she were ‘bad’ she would write things about ‘Penguin’ and even stated that many friends ‘sold her’.

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