Amandine Pellissard (Large Families) reveals how much she pays her son Léo to take care of his siblings

Leo Pellissard (Large families) takes a little time to take care of her little brothers and sisters. Amandine Pellissard and her companion Alexandre are therefore obliged to pay him for that. The mother of the family revealed the amount she granted him for this task.

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Being at the head of a large family requires organization. This is demonstrated again by Amandine Pellissard in the episode of Large families: life in XXL, Airing this Monday, September 19. The mother of the family organized a house clearance to get rid of objects that her tribe no longer uses. But to carry out the transactions and not to disperse, the companion of Alexandre, who recently made revelations about their private life, needed calm. She had therefore entrusted her eldest Leo with the heavy task of taking care of her seven little brothers and sisters, in addition to the nanny, during this clearance sale.

Léo Pellissard acknowledges that he is not exploited by his parents

But as Amandine Pellissard confided, if the young man willingly helps his parents, he still asks for a small payment. “In theory, Leo is supposed to lend a hand to the nanny. But in practice, we don’t really believe in it. Leo, he likes to spend time taking care of his little brothers and sisters, if and only if…”launched the mother of the family. “We pay it”completed his companion, amused. But his parents still trick the young man, leaving some doubt that he will be paid for this task. “Sometimes we don’t tell him we’re going to pay him. We wait to see if he deserves to be paid. We’ll see what he does before giving him the money”, reported his mother. However, the teenager took his role very seriously, running in particular after little Charles’ comforter before putting him to bed. He also admitted to himself that he was not “overexploitedby his parents. Amandine Pellissard finally gave her son 20 euros for the service rendered. “It’s nice, a nice gesture”he recognized, magnanimously, already ready to spend this money.

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His eldest saved Amandine Pellissard

Amandine Pellissard confided in Jordan de Luxe on the key role that her eldest son played in her life. “What was salutary for me was the arrival of my first child. Leo literally saved my life. If I hadn’t had Leo, when I had him today, I wouldn’t even be here to talk about it.” she revealed to the host. Moreover, if the teenager is not the biological son of Alexandre, this one adopted him for his greatest pleasure. “It is essential for Leo let it be on paper. He is very frustrated not to be on the same family book as his brothers and sisters and not to have the same name, even if no difference is made. He needs unity also on the administrative side“, had indicated the mother of the family on this subject.

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