Amandine Pellissard soon to have chest surgery: her response to criticism

Amandine Pellissard, of Large Families: Life in XXL had to come under a lot of criticism after announcing on Instagram that she was going to have her breasts redone… She answers cash!

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The critics were quick to make themselves heard… This Sunday, May 8, during a Live on Instagram session with her husband Alexandre, Amandine Pellissard announced to her fans that she had chosen to have breast surgery in the coming weeks. “I hesitated but decided to take the plunge. JI’m going to redo my breasts. I breastfed eight children, Of course moms will understand. When we breastfeed, we no longer have the same breasts as before”, explained the famous mother of Large families: life in XXL, on TF1. An ad that did not fail to surprise some Internet users, who did not hesitate to judge it. Sometimes very derogatory comments to which Magali Berdah’s friend wanted to respond, with the frankness that we know.

It’s my life, it’s my body!

After some brushed off remarks about how she uses her money, Amandine Pellissard wanted to silence the critics once and for all: “You always have people judging you for anything and everything… You decide to redo your chest at 35 after having had eight children, it’s inadmissible… But whatever you do anyway, you can’t please everyone. And then there will always be criticism. What do you want me to tell you? It’s fine with me, but really… Well, we understood each other. I’m not going to model my life on people’s lives. Because otherwise I stop living. And we only have one life so basically I’m going to do what I want. It’s my life, it’s my body: I ​​do what I want! If I had wanted to make myself an H cup, I would have made an H cup!“, she chanted, hoping that the message has passed.

The details of his operation

Amandine Pellissart had explained that she would fly to Tunisia to undergo her cosmetic surgery operation, which will take place from May 17 to 22.I said I wouldn’t touch my body, but only assholes don’t change their minds. As a woman, I want to find my chest, had confided the mother dissatisfied with the shape of her breasts and her size, deciding to increase the volume. “I’m going to do a 95D, today I’m doing a B cup”, she had specified.

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