Amandine Pellissard talks about the language delay of her children

When she’s not on the show Large families, life in XXL, Amandine Pellissard regularly gives news of his daily life and his tribe of eight children on his Instagram account. In story this Friday, May 13, the young woman thus announced that she had just gone to an appointment with the neuropediatricianfor two of his little ones. By thanking the Internet users who thought of her by asking her for feedback on this subject, Amandine Pellissard gave an update on the medical opinion she received concerning the difficulties faced by their children Charles and Hector.

Like Hector and Charles, Léna barely spoke

“Nothing to say in any case about the care. The doctor was top, but compared to the boys, what emerges […] is that there is indeed a language delay […] and also some minor fine motor issues.she explained, adding that “Charles finds it harder to stay focused on a task for long.” The mother of the family pointed out that he could be issue of DYS disorders, which are related to learning difficulties. Another important point: “The fact that the two brothers are affected by this same disorder, at around the same age, because they are only a year apart.” In all sincerity, Amandine Pellissard then revealed to her subscribers that it was the same for his daughter Lenawhen she was very young.

The genetic track to explore with analyzes to be done

When she entered “in the small section of kindergarten”she “hardly spoke” and “had very little vocabulary”. Before being today a real “chatter”, the girl was followed by a speech therapist from her 4 to 6 years. And his brother Hector is going through exactly the same ordeal right now. “There, for the doctor, it is necessary to explore the genetic track, [à cause du] fact that several of our children have presented these same disorders and delays, at the same age”affirmed the mother of the family, who planned to see a geneticist soon, before having her two little boys take a blood test, to find out more about the origin of the difficulties they are encountering.

Amandine Pellissard upset by the problems of her children

In addition, Amandine Pellissard should organize sessions with a psychomotrician and a speech therapist. “Inevitably, these little problems are a bit anxiety-provoking. It hurts the heart to see your babies have these problemswhen they are so sunny, happy in their sneakers, happy with everything they do, with what is offered to them, going to school, playing with their brothers and sisters…”said the young woman with a touch of sadness. “When you are told that your child is not like the others, it’s always complicatedeven if, indeed, there is more serious, it always hurts to be told that there is a health or development problem!”, she added, assuring that she will “to accompany [ses] children better than[elle] can, as [elle l’a] always done since they were born”.

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