Amazfit T-REX 2 Review // Smartwatch that can handle it all!

Rugged style, physical buttons, ability to be submerged up to 10atm, the watch considered ideal for high intensity activities. He was sent to space to prove that his military certification is great for withstanding temperatures below -40ºC and air pressure. If you like this design, looking for a smartwatch capable of practically everything, with a 10-day battery, I would watch the Amazfit T-REX 2 review until the end. I tested it running, cycling, walking, using it on a daily basis, and I’ll tell you here besides the things I liked, the ones I didn’t like very much.

Review Amazfit T-REX 2

In video:

Amazfit’s T-REX line, as the name suggests, is meant to be something strong, robust, jack of all trades. The watch you would use to hike, to go on an expedition. It is the successor to the T-REX, where its main improvement was the battery life. Another difference is the metal tab with the company name. It is screwed on the watch body, it serves to protect the start and back buttons.

It has a 1.39″ AMOLED screen with 1000 nits of illumination. It’s very sharp and all that luminance helps you see the data on sunny days.

Amazfit T-Rex 2


  • GPS
  • Drums
  • Measurements and system
  • Activity Monitoring

  • No support bluetooth music playback
  • Connectivity with third-party applications
  • lack of microphone
  • Dimensions: 47.1×47.1×13.65mm
  • Weight: 66.5g
  • water resistance: 10 atm
  • Display – type: AMOLED
  • Display – size: 1.39
  • Display – resolution: 454 x 454
  • Drums: 500 mAh
  • Charger: corded charger
  • WiFi: No
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • GPS: A-GPS and GPS
  • NFC: No
  • Sensors: SpO2, Ambient Light, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Heartbeat, Magnetic Sensor and Barometer

Amazfit T-Rex 2 – See the complete technical sheet here

Strong points


The Amazfit T-Rex 2 has dual-band GPS positioning and supports all major satellite navigation systems, which should allow you to pinpoint your location quickly and accurately, even in tricky areas.

Each time I selected an outdoor activity to track, it only took a few seconds for the clock to beep and signal that it had established a connection. Which I liked a lot. Some watches, usually the older ones, take more than a minute to get the GPS, and you’re losing heat right there to start running. Anyone who runs and uses an older GPS knows what I’m talking about.


This creature’s battery is great. In the highest intensity tests, I manage to keep an average of 10 days of use away from the charger. Amazfit promises up to 26 hours of active precision GPS, or 58 hours of energy-saving GPS.

Measurements and system

The sleep, stress measurements are pretty cool and work just like the other watches I’ve tested. Amazfit uses the Zepp operating system, one of my favorites. In it, a system for monitoring physical conditions, called PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) was developed together with a university in Norway. Each activity you do in the week, add up points for the FATHER. Who likes numbers, will like to keep monitoring.


T-REX 2 + Zepp Activities
T-REX 2 + Zepp Activities

In several watch reviews I criticize them for sometimes having hundreds of sports and activities that they track. Many times this monitoring only serves to say that it has, it is not the case of the T-REX 2. In it you can monitor sports such as Golf, Tennis and even football, yes, I complained on several watches that there was no football on this one. Tennis, you can track how many swings you made with your arm, how many serves you made, batting averages with each hand. The other sports, for the most part, have some unique feature or functionality, that is, it actually monitors something besides heart rate and time.

One of the best ways to run faster, that is, increase your pace is interval training, in T-REX 2 we have it. Come here and I’ll show you. (In the video above, there is the snippet showing the screens)

  1. go to activities
  2. Go on Outdoor Run
  3. Swipe up and enter the Training menu
  4. Enter the Interval Training menu

You can configure training to add warm-up, you can configure training time, rest time and of course the amount of cycles. You can also set it to a cool-down, called “relaxed”.

On a bike too? Yes, the same configuration can also be applied in cycling training.

what i didn’t like

No support bluetooth music playback

As it is a more robust watch, with a value above Amazfit’s average, it could have a bluetooth music player. It doesn’t have headphone connectivity either, this would be a great addition to the watch, as in some activities you wouldn’t need to take your smartphone along, like runs of less than 1 hour, for example.

Connectivity with third-party applications

When it comes to third-party compatibility, you’re limited to three third-party apps: Strava, Google Fit, and Apple Health. Big name apps like TrainingPeaks and others are not supported, at least for now.


The T-REX 2 could have a microphone too, it would be something that would match it with other smartwatches in the price range, such as the Galaxy Watch 4, Huawei Watch GT.


Polar UNITE is the cheapest brand watch you have. It doesn’t have native GPS, it needs to connect with smartphone to use location. It also has all the great measurements, by the way, that Polar offers. However, when I used it to analyze, there were many GPS drops in the middle of activities, they were constant. The screen is IPS TFT with low resolution and few screens available. Battery for a maximum of 2 days, however, very light. If I had to choose between the two, surely the T-REX 2 is the better option.

Who is this watch for?

Amazfit T-REX 2 in action
Amazfit T-REX 2 in action

TREX 2 is a specific watch for those looking to monitor their physical activities, especially high-intensity ones. It has a robust and characteristic design, not all people will find it beautiful, but I confess how strong it is. A few beats from everyday use and no marks were left on the watch.


Amazfit T-Rex 2


  • GPS
  • Drums
  • Measurements and system
  • Activity Monitoring

  • No support bluetooth music playback
  • Connectivity with third-party applications
  • lack of microphone

Whatever sport you’re looking to play, the T-REX 2 is very likely to be able to monitor, and do so accurately. The sturdy construction helps you use it just about everywhere, from the most basic activities to surfing or swimming in the sea.

This is a fitness watch, there are several factors that prove it. It lacks some features, such as playing music via bluetooth and responding to notifications, something that some Garmin or Polar models do, however, for values ​​that easily reach twice what is charged by the T-REX 2. Another thing that can be a problem for adventurers or for people with high intensity physical activity monitoring is connectivity with third-party apps, few can get connectivity.

buy case

  • You should buy this watch if you are looking to improve your fitness in a smartwatch with a long battery life that is robust and strong. Whether maintaining or creating an active lifestyle, T-REX 2 is great for that.

Do not buy

  • You shouldn’t buy this smartwatch if you want a watch with a minimalist design that can answer notifications or answer calls through the watch.

Where to buy?

  • BRL 1,539.00

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