Amazing art of Samus Aran by Raf Grassetti celebrates Metroid Dread on Nintendo Switch

On October 8 it was released Metroid Dread en Nintendo Switch and since then it has been enjoying extremely positive reviews, as many consider it one of the best games in the series, if not the best. One of the fans of the franchise is Raf Grassetti, el director de arte de God of War, who shared some amazing fan art in celebration of the launch of Metroid Dread.

Happy Metroid Week”Was what the artist said when he shared the amazing illustration by Samus Aran, with a realistic style that characterizes Raf Grassetti and makes the costume varies classic bounty hunter.

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Since its launch Metroid Dread has been very well receivedAs in a matter of days it became the second most successful launch of Metroid in the UK, in addition to having sold more than almost the entire franchise in Japan, so the celebration is well deserved.

Nevertheless, Raf Grassetti He only shared the illustration and has not expressed his opinions of the game. This is not the first time that this talented artist imagine characters from other video games with their realistic style, because on other occasions we have been able to appreciate their work recreating the crew of Among Us, or the characters of Chrono Trigger, the SNES classic.

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Hopefully Raf Grassetti is enjoying the game as much as the rest of the fans of Metroid Dread, because the new installment of Nintendo Switch managed to give previous games a resurgence in sales on the platforms on which it is available and has become the highest rated Spanish game in history.

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