Amazing Bomberman: Reboot of the video game comes exclusively to Apple Arcade

One of the most memorable video games in history returns in an exclusive reboot for apple-arcade. Is about Amazing Bombermanone of the franchises of Konami.

The gamers’ favorite bomber returns only on iOS devices and does so with a fantastic soundtrack, according to the report on the website of Network Zone.

From August 5, the video game will be available in the Apple Arcade catalog. The objective of the title is to compete for highest possible score, so a player can die as many times as possible. The important thing is to reach more points than the rest.

By completing the missions in Amazing Bomberman, gamers will be able to unlock different items to customize your character. The way to progress through the game is effectively to get all the unlockable items.

The trailer surprises by the soundtrack

The video game’s presentation trailer lasts just 34 seconds, revealing a good part of the soundtrack that will include the title, quite animated, and that could bring more musical surprises after its launch.

As we beat the levels of the game, the music will change and become more important because the missions will react depending on the rhythm of the music.

The preview lets you hear snippets of some of the songs and reveals the artists behind them. In the game official website there is more information.

Bomberman is a franchise of video game Originally developed by Hudson Soft and currently owned by Konami, it was released in Japan in July 1983 and has since spawned multiple sequels and spin-offs on numerous platforms. It was also adapted into manga and anime.

In principle, Amazing Bomberman will stay on iOS, but it is a matter of time before the exclusive video games of Apple Arcade make the leap to other platforms. The Pathless, Sayonara Wild Hearts or Grindstone deserve to reach other services.

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