Amazon Cloud Technology Enables Autonomous Driving, Connected Vehicles, and Software-Defined Cars

Amazon Cloud Technology Enables Autonomous Driving, Connected Vehicles, and Software-Defined Cars

Amazon Cloud Technology announced that it will fully empower the digital transformation of the automotive industry around three major automotive industry digital scenarios: autonomous driving, vehicle networking, and software-defined vehicles. Amazon Cloud Technology will build a professional service team for the automotive industry through global infrastructure, vehicle-cloud integrated cloud-side-end services, dedicated industry solutions, and an extensive partner network to empower car companies to transform to software-defined vehicles and accelerate Innovation in the automotive industry.

As the technological pinnacle of the digital transformation of the automotive industry, autonomous driving requires strong computing power, machine learning and reasoning capabilities, and relies on massive data for algorithm training and simulation verification. The massive computing and storage resources of cloud computing can realize ultra-large-scale data processing, model training and simulation clusters, thereby accelerating the implementation of autonomous driving products. Therefore, in the fierce competition on the autonomous driving track, the technologies and capabilities of cloud service providers in these areas have become the key to helping car companies win.

Data runs through every scenario of autonomous driving research and development. Amazon Cloud Technology focuses on the autonomous driving data lake to help car companies build an end-to-end autonomous driving data closed loop. Build an autonomous driving data lake with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3, an object storage service on the cloud) with near-infinite scalability to achieve data acquisition, data management and analysis, data annotation, model and algorithm development, simulation verification, map development, and With DevOps and MLOps, car companies can more easily realize the development, testing and application of the whole process of autonomous driving.

In the extremely difficult and challenging data annotation, model and algorithm development, and simulation verification links in autonomous driving technology, Amazon Cloud Technology’s machine learning service Amazon SageMaker and Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) elastic computing service have leading advantages. In the data labeling process, Amazon SageMaker Ground Truth can easily complete the automatic labeling of various vehicle, scene and user data, and create high-quality data sets for training machine learning models that meet the requirements. In the simulation verification stage, especially for ultra-large-scale simulations, Amazon EC2 elastic computing service Spot instances can provide low-cost computing power at the level of millions of vCPUs, saving up to 90% of costs and accelerating the development and implementation of autonomous driving technology.

The Internet of Vehicles is the basis for intelligent vehicle services in the future. It has become the core of the automotive ecosystem service system and an important application scenario of automotive business on the cloud. In the process of building IoV services, with the expansion of their business, car companies need to deploy globally in a unified manner to achieve high availability and secure connections, and meet the security compliance requirements of global operations; Due to the difficulty of maintenance, car companies need to use modern services such as global unified architecture, microservices, and serverless computing to build a flexible and agile Internet of Vehicles architecture. At the same time, car companies need to choose a global IoV partner, connect a richer service ecosystem and content to IoV, build a comprehensive service system, and provide value-added services based on massive data to improve customer experience.

At present, the infrastructure of Amazon Cloud Technology covers 84 availability zones in 26 geographic regions around the world, allowing car companies to easily build a car networking platform in various geographic regions, bringing higher stability and lower latency. The security compliance of connected vehicle data is always the top priority. Amazon Cloud Technology supports 98 security standards and compliance certifications, which can meet the security compliance needs of customers in almost all regions of the world. Amazon Lambda’s serverless computing and microservices help car companies build a modern, serverless, flexible and agile Internet of Vehicles architecture, which not only meets the elastic needs of the Internet of Vehicles business, but also helps them save costs and reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance.

Software-defined vehicles have become the core competitiveness of automotive companies. Software is deeply involved in the process of vehicle definition, development, verification, sales, and service, which has spawned the demand for cloud-native platforms, tools, and best practices at all levels of the automotive industry. The transformation of software-defined vehicles requires cloud service capabilities in all aspects, such as data lakes, Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence, edge computing, etc. At the same time, it is necessary to cooperate with the entire industry ecosystem to jointly provide innovative technologies and services.

The omni-directional layout of Amazon cloud technology enables car companies to realize software-defined cars. First, participate in the scalable open architecture SOAFEE initiated by ARM, strengthen the equivalence of the vehicle cloud environment between the ARM architecture processor Amazon Graviton and the processor manufacturers at the vehicle end and the edge of the Internet of Vehicles, so that the vehicle software development and cloud software development can be unified; The second is to cooperate with BlackBerry (BlackBerry) to build BlackBerry IVY to help it build a smart car software development and data platform, read vehicle sensor data in a consistent and secure way, and ensure that data can be processed inside the vehicle and in the cloud and gain insights; three It cooperates with Continental (Continental Group) to help Continental develop Continental Automotive Edge (CAEdge), a full-stack software-defined vehicle development platform, providing a high-performance, highly automated development environment to support all processes of autonomous driving system development; fourth, realize cloud The end-to-end data closed-loop that integrates , edge and end, provides a full range of cloud services; fifth is to build Amazon IoT FleetWise services specifically for the automotive industry, collect and convert vehicle data in real time, cost-effectively and efficiently, transmit it to the cloud, and use data analysis. Carry out data mining with machine learning services to improve the quality, safety and autonomous driving capabilities of cars based on data insights; sixth, set up an Amazon cloud technology professional service team to provide software-defined car solutions, build multi-tenant, highly automated, car-cloud integration, A data-driven, safe and compliant software collaborative development and testing environment helps automotive companies quickly build a software-defined vehicle development environment and capabilities.

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