Amazon Drive will go out of circulation in January 2024

  • In 2020, cloud storage per user amounted to 1.7 GB per month.

  • Activity for SaaS jumped to 74 percent in 2020.

  • Currently the public cloud is growing at a faster rate than the private one.

Social networks or digital platforms continue to be a very important tool for people around the world. Amazon recently announced that its Amazon Drive platform will be discontinued in 2024.

Cloud services are infrastructures, platforms, or software systems that are hosted by third-party providers and made available to users over the Internet. ANDThe volume of computing operations that will be carried out in the cloud will exceed 90 percent in about three years, according to technicians from the specialized company Cisco.

In this sense, they explain that in 2020 cloud traffic multiplied almost fourfold, while cloud storage per user amounted to 1.7 GB per month in 2020, well above the 513 MB of 2015.

Amazon Drive will be removed

The company belonging to the eCommerce company announced that its “Amazon Drive” platform will go out of circulation as of 2024, so that its Prime service users will be able to use the cloud storage system until December 31, 2023, after this date they will no longer have access to their files.

Although this platform is not well known in Latin America, it is one more storage service for images, videos and other types of files exclusively for Amazon customers that provides five GB of capacity in conjunction with Amazon Photos.

The company announced that they decided to withdraw this platform from their service package because it has become very obsolete, so they will give their users a deadline to withdraw the stored files until New Year’s Eve 2023.

According to data of the brand reportsince its launch in 2006, AWS revenue exceeded US$62 billion in 2021.

The closure of this platform will be carried out gradually, as reported by the American company in its frequently asked questions blog, where they also express that they have preferred to focus their efforts on Amazon Pictures. Although users will be able to keep their files until the aforementioned date. From January 31 of next year they will no longer be able to store more content in the cloud service, In addition, from October 31 of this year (2022), the platform will be downloaded from the Android and iOS application stores.

The company founded by Jeff Bezos explained that it has declared that it will be sending its users reminders about the elimination of this platform and the dates announced for this, it will also be warning them about possible new alternatives.

This type of announcement in the technology industry draws attention because many companies are updating their platforms with new functions or closing networks that have not worked as expected. As an example, YouTube Go will disappear in August 2022, so Google recommended users to install the main YouTube app to continue enjoying the social network and its videos.

In conclusion, there is currently a large ecosystem of social networks, where a new one emerges every day and joins the battle to be the main one used by Internet users around the world.

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