Amazon overtakes Apple to become the 2nd largest company in the world

Amazon surpassed Apple in the ranking of companies that raised the most in 2021. According to Fortune magazine, which released a list of the 500 companies with the highest revenue in the last fiscal year, Jeff Bezos’ company raised nearly $470 billion. Apple, meanwhile, reported $365.8 billion in revenue, ranking seventh overall.

Another big surprise is that for the first time since the creation of the Fortune Global 500, companies such as China National Petroleum, Sinopec, State Grid and other Chinese companies managed to surpass the revenue of American companies, adding up to 31% of the total revenue of the list. In all, 145 companies on the list are Chinese (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), as well as 124 from the United States and 47 from Japan.

Walmart on top (again)

Walmart appears at the top of the ranking for the ninth year in a row with $572.8 billion in revenue. Amazon follows close behind with $469.8 billion and State Grid, with $460.6 billion, closes the top 3. Apple is only in seventh place with $365.8 billion in revenue.

See the ranking of the 10 companies that raised the most in 2021:

Company Country Revenue
1 Walmart (USA) USA $572.8 billion
two Amazon (USA) USA $469.8 billion
3 State Grid (China) China US$ 460.6 billion
4 China National Petroleum (China) China US$ 411.7 billion
5 Sinopec (China) China US$ 401.3 billion
6 Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) Saudi Arabia US$ 400.4 billion
7 Apple (USA) USA US$ 365.8 billion
8 Volkswagen (Germany) Germany US$ 295.8 billion
9 China State Construction Engineering (China) China US$ 293.7 billion
10 CVS Health USA US$ 292.1 billion

Apple ranked second in profit with $94 billion, behind only Saudi Aramco with its $105 billion. Amazon ranked fourteenth with $76 billion).

Source: Fortune ; Via: PR Newswire

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