Amazon Prime Video: 10 films by the director of Doctor Strange 2

news culture Amazon Prime Video: 10 films by the director of Doctor Strange 2

Sam Raimi has established himself as a true reference in the small world of cinema. His latest film, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has just hit theaters. To familiarize you with the style of the director, the editorial staff of JV offers you 10 films stamped Sam Raimi available on Amazon Prime Video.


  • Darkman
  • Evil Dead – the trilogy
  • To hell
  • The fantastic world of Oz
  • Dead Or Alive (The Quick and the Dead)
  • Spider-Man – the trilogy


We start with Darkman, an action/horror film released in 1990. It follows Peyton Westlake, a genius geneticist working on the synthesis of skin cells. Our scientist is in a relationship with Julie Hastings, a lawyer defending the real estate builder Strack. The latter obtains a confidential document proving the actions of the company, and decides to hide it in the office of her companion. Louis Strack Jr, leader of the firm, sends mercenaries there in order to recover this precious document. Finding himself on the scene, our protagonist is left for dead. Disfigured, Peyton puts her knowledge of synthetic skin to good use to get her face back. Thirsty for revenge, he is determined to make his attackers pay.

Evil Dead – the trilogy

continue with the evil dead trilogy, released respectively in 1981, 1987 and 1993. The first feature film takes us through the experience of 5 friends who went on vacation. The latter settle in a cabin in the middle of a sinister forest. Our vacationers then find a strange video recorder on the spot. The latter have the bad idea to throw it, thus triggering terrifying events. The second opus is not a direct sequel, the “2” in the title. This is a parody re-adaptation of the first film. The third episode is the direct sequel to the second. Here are three cult films mixing action, drama and horror, a perfect mix for fans of genre films.

To hell

Now make way for the excellent To hell released in 2009, also known as Drag Me to Hell. The story, set in Los Angeles, follows Christine Brown, a mortgage manager who lives with her boyfriend. Competing for a promotion, our female protagonist has to be tougher in order to get it. A mysterious elderly person named Mrs. Ganush then arrives at the bank and begs Christine in order to receive additional credit. Our heroine, determined to obtain the promotion and following the advice of her boss, refuses to grant said credit. Mrs. Ganush, feeling humiliated, casts a curse on the young woman, transforming the peaceful life of our banker into a veritable hell. The gates of the beyond have just opened on the city of angels.

Amazon Prime Video: 10 films by the director of Doctor Strange 2

The fantastic world of Oz

The fantastic world of Oz, released in 2013, is the adaptation of the novel The Wonderful Land of Oz by Lyman Frank Baum published in 1904. It is a prequel to the film The Wizard of Oz directed by Victor Fleming, released in 1939. Oscar Diggs is a small circus magician without great stature. While in his hot air balloon, our hero is transported to the mysterious Land of Oz. Arrived on the scene, the magician sees in it the chance of his life, the possibility of succeeding in what he loves the most. His destiny changes overnight and an extraordinary future awaits him. This fantastic film intended for the family knew how to touch young and old.

Dead Or Alive (The Quick and the Dead)

The penultimate film in this selection is a western released in 1995 entitled Dead or alive a.k.a The Quick and the Dead in English. Every year, in the city of Redemption, a tournament takes place with a prize of 123,000 dollars, but it is not a tournament like the others. These are actually duels to the death to elect the best shooter. To date, only one man has emerged victorious from these confrontations, Herod the master of the city. A young foreigner by the name of Hélène is taking part in this year’s edition, and is determined to emerge victorious.

Spider-Man – the trilogy

We end with a classic that has marked generations of fans around the world, the original Spider-Man trilogy. The first opus, released in 2002, tells us about the origins of Peter Parker as well as his beginnings as Spider-Man. Spider-Man 2, released two years later, is the most beloved installment by fans of Sam Raimi’s trilogy. It obtains the excellent marks of 83% and 8.5/10 on Metacritic. Established as a superhero, Peter will have to face Doctor Otto Octavius, aka Dr Octopus. The third episode is a decisive turning point in the life of our hero. The line between friend and foe is thinner than ever, and our protagonist will learn it the hard way. Sam Raimi brings us the essence of comics with these three Spider-Man films that have forever marked the history of cinema.

Amazon Prime Video: 10 films by the director of Doctor Strange 2

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