Amazon Prime Video December 2021: All New Movies, Series & Documentaries

Image 1: Amazon Prime Video December 2021: all new movies, series and documentaries
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Amazon Prime Video unveils its program for the end of 2021. And as always, the streaming giant unveils original productions. There are films as well as series or documentaries to spend a good holiday season. Between Controlling Britney Spears, retracing the ordeal of the singer under the tutelage of her father, Encounter, science fiction feature film and Being the Ricardos by acclaimed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Back to the essentials to come.

Not to be missed in December 2021 on Amazon Prime Video

Being the Ricardos, the new work from an Oscar-winning screenwriter (December 21)

Being the Ricardos, this is the new feature film from acclaimed screenwriter Aaron Sorkin. Oscar winner takes place behind the scenes of sitcom I Love Lucy with Lucille Ball. A dive into the personal and professional life of women with her companion Desi Arnaz. The latter, accused of McCarthyism, must deal with the threat of very strong accusations.

Encounter, an expected science fiction feature film (December 19)

A bit of science fiction to end 2021, what do you think? Encounter tells the story of brothers whose father is played by Riz Ahmed (Star Wars : Rogue One). These latter try to escape an unknown threat. A threat described as inhuman: we keep an eye on this promising feature film.

A new comedy series: Harlem (December 3)

Between two serious fictions, a little relaxation for the end of the year 2021. Amazon Prime Video unveils the first season of its new series, Harlem. This program follows four longtime friends as they discuss the subject of their love lives, the dreams they are aiming for.

Controlling Britney Spears, the singer’s guardianship unveiled (December 2)

The year 2021 marks the end of the guardianship of Britney Spears. For years, his father controlled his life. A placement in a shelter considered as ” a tool of oppression and control against it ». This New York Times documentary reveals the singer’s surveillance system, controlled in its slightest movements.

Paddington, for a New Year’s Eve with the youngest (December 1st)

For the youngest, what better choice than Paddington ? The story of a young bear who came to London to lead a new and better life. He then meets the Brown family and becomes one of the members of this endearing sibling. An adventure for young and old alike.

Amazon Prime Video: the December 2021 release schedule

Wednesday December 1:

Where is Charlie? (season 2)> Adaptation of the famous children’s books “Where’s Charlie?” », Which consisted of finding Charlie, a bespectacled man in a red and white jersey, immersed in the middle of a crowd of characters.

Friday December 3:

Harlem (season 1)> The daily life of four longtime friends who navigate between their romantic relationships and the pursuit of their respective dreams.

Paddington > Paddington tells the story of a young Peruvian bear fresh from London, in search of a home and a better life. He quickly realizes that the city of his dreams is not as welcoming as he thought. Luckily, he meets the Brown family and gradually becomes a full member.

The Valseuses> Bound by a strong friendship, two rebels on the run want to live their adventures to the full. This flight will be punctuated by provocations and aggressions but also by encounters, tender moments of fleeting happiness.

Prepare your handkerchiefs> At the end of his mind, Raoul asks Stéphane to help him smile back to Solange, his wife. Together, they leave to take care of a summer camp where Solange ends up falling in love with Christian, a gifted 13-year-old who is as bored as she …

Thursday December 2:

Controlling Britney Spears > In a confidential 2016 report, Britney Spears told a court investigator that her wardship had become “a tool of oppression and control against her.” But how the Guardianship controlled his life has never been revealed. This New York Times investigation paints a picture of an intense surveillance system that controlled his every move. Directed by the producers of Framing Britney Spears, this film unveils exclusive interviews with people who had intimate knowledge of the life of Britney Spears under guardianship.

Friday December 3:

Haters > Internet humor star, Thomas the Lama slips during a video. He becomes the target of all the haters and his life crumbles. To win back his girlfriend and his audience, he decides to go meet his 10 biggest detractors to see if they are able to say, to their face, what they write on his page… Each meeting promises to be epic!

Widows> Chicago today. Four women who don’t know each other. Their husbands have just died in a robbery gone awry, leaving them with a heavy debt to repay. They have nothing in common but decide to join forces to finish what their husbands had started. And take their own destiny in hand …

Sir> Monsieur is a story about the power of first love and family ties. In a small village in the Telougous states, an old man, Pichaya naidu, the revered village chief, commands deep respect from the villagers.

Monday December 6:

Santa must die – Clap of the week> Santa’s workshop is in financial jeopardy and to make matters worse, a disgruntled boy decides to put a contract on Santa’s (Mel Gibson) head after receiving a lump of coal in his Christmas stocking.

Wednesday December 8:

Bayern Munich Beyond Legend

Thursday December 9:

The Ferragnez – The series (saison 1)

Friday December 10:

Tampa Baes (season 1)

The Expanse (saison 6) > As Season 2 unfolds, tensions between each division are growing, putting the Rocinante crew in an even more precarious situation. The Protomolecule threatens the survival of the entire solar system, as the vast conspiracy that led to its dispersal begins to be revealed.

Encounter > Two young brothers flee in the company of their father, who tries to protect them from an inhuman threat. During this dangerous journey, the boys will have to confront hard truths and abandon their childhood.

Monday December 13:

Copshop – Clap of the week> Small town police station becomes battleground for hitman, rookie but ingenious cop and crook who has taken refuge behind bars because he has no place where to flee …

Wednesday December 15:

Gaspard Proust tapine

Gaspard Proust, Last Show

Friday December 17th:

The Grand Tour (season 4, part 2)> Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back with the Grand Tour. A show that combines adventure, excitement and friendship… on the condition that you accept that the people you call friends can also be described as extremely boring. Cars will sometimes steal the show. Follow them on their adventure around the globe.

Monday, December 20:

The man who invented Christmas – Clap of the week> In order to regain success, Charles Dickens decides to write a tale that recreates all the magic of Christmas. To achieve this, he draws on his memories, bringing to life such illustrious characters as the irascible Scrooge.

Tuesday December 21:

Being the Ricardos > Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz are threatened by shocking personal accusations, political defamation and cultural taboos in the film Being the Ricardos, from Oscar-winning writer and director Aaron Sorkin. An immersion in the heart of the couple’s romantic and professional relationship. The film invites viewers into the authors’ room, on several sets and behind the scenes of a week critical of the production of the sitcom “I Love Lucy”.

Monday December 27:

The Protégé – Clap of the week> Rembrandt and Anna are the two greatest murderers in the world. For years, they traveled the world and fought over high-profile contracts. When Anna’s mentor, Moody, is assassinated, the former enemies form an alliance. They return to Vietnam to get their hands on the killer.

Wednesday December 29:

BumbleBee > 1987. While on the run, Autobot Bumblebee finds refuge in a landfill in a small seaside town in California. He is discovered, broken and covered in war wounds, by Charlie, a teenager who is approaching 18 and is looking for her place in the world.

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