Amazon wants to create cancer vaccines

Clearly, Amazon has very big ambitions in the field of health. After the acquisition of One Medical last July for 3.9 billion euros, the firm of Jeff Bezos intends to go even further. According to our colleagues from RMCit is currently trying to develop vaccines against breast and skin cancer.

Things also seem to be moving very quickly in this area, since Amazon has already obtained the agreement of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the authority responsible for approving medical treatments in the United States. In detail, the company therefore has the possibility of recruiting volunteers to conduct phase 1 clinical trials.

Are our personal health data at risk?

The tech giant is working in concert with a research center and is using its artificial intelligence technology to create personalized vaccines. And Amazon’s ambitions do not stop there according to our colleagues, since the company also has an internal laboratory which has been working for some time now in the fight against cancer.

Similarly, Amazon created its own telemedicine service in 2019 as well as a drug delivery service. Finally, remember that the company’s Halo bracelets also offer health monitoring.

Big questions remain in the face of such initiatives: is our personal data safe, and can we trust Amazon to manage our health information that is supposed to remain confidential?

Questioned last July, a spokesperson for the company wanted to be reassuring on this subject. He stated thus: As required by law, Amazon will never share One Medical customers’ personal health information outside of One Medical for the purposes of advertising or marketing other Amazon products and services without the customer’s clear permission. “.

In Europe, patients also benefit from additional protection with the GDPR which strictly prohibits the use of health data for commercial purposes.


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