Amazon well placed for Mass Effect TV series

At least that’s what emerges from a recent interview with Jennifer Salke, the current director of Amazon Studios, who briefly discusses the TV series adaptation project for the BioWare franchise. And that’s all that will be needed for the moment, since nothing has filtered about the project, not even the period chosen, nor even the characters who could obviously make an appearance on the small screen. “You will see us continue to invest in the genre of the fantastic of all kinds.“Said Salke, whose teams”work tirelessly with creative partners“, promising other announcements of this nature.

The TV series project Mass Effect adds to the prospects for a big-screen adaptation, a project long hatched by Legendary Pictures on behalf of Warner Bros., and centered around Commander Shepard. A sketch which, taking into account the constraints of duration of a feature film, would have finally germinated the idea of ​​an adaptation to the television format, to better render thanks to the richness of the universe. Recall also that the actor Henry Cavill had split a curious teasing involving the saga at the start of the year.

In any case, the Mass Effect galaxy is visibly expanding, since after the release of Mass Effect Legendary Edition in the spring, the studio unveiled the first official illustration of the future Mass Effect 5 for the N7 Day festivities on November 7. latest.

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