AMBA without power: more than 30,000 users suffered cuts

AMBA without power: more than 30,000 users suffered cuts

More than 30 thousand users of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Buenos Aires (AMBA) suffered this Saturday the failures in the electrical supply in charge of Edesur y edenor and faced with this situation, neighbors came out to demonstrate and blocked the streets.

The heat subsided a bit on Saturday after the scant rains that had come to Buenos Aires in recent days, however, the electricity supply did not reflect this reality. In different areas within the AMBA, thousands of users suffered power outages that significantly affected civilian life in recent days.

At noon, according to official data from the National Electricity Regulatory Entity (ENRE), 31.661 users of the electricity grid Edesur continued to be affected, while in edenor were 662.

In the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Caballito, the intersection of Acoyte and Rivadavia streets was the place where a group of neighbors gathered to demonstrate against the continuous power outages. Likewise, on Friday night, users affected by the situation in Temperley obstructed the passage of the train, which led to fights between protesters and passengers.

The last update of this Saturday at 7:00 p.m. showed that 20,562 users remained without electricity: 17,848 by Edesur, and 2,714 by Edenor.

On Thursday, due to the constant failures in electricity supplies, the Government filed a criminal complaint against Edesur through the ENRE so that the company be investigated for “embezzlement, fraud to the detriment of the public administration and abandonment of people”. .

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