Amber Heard blames the now infamous stool on Depp’s jycke

What is increasingly evolving to become this year’s biggest Hollywood drama continues to both engage and upset. One of the most talked about points from the trial has undoubtedly been the infamous bowel movement that Heard is said to have performed on Johnny Depp’s bed. Something he also took a picture of and which was used in the mood against the actress as one of many alleged proofs of her mental health.

During the testimony in the courtroom, Johnny described the situation as follows.

“On my side of the bed was human fecal matter. I laughed. It was so outside. It was so bizarre and so grotesque that I could only laugh.”

Amber herself, on the other hand, described the incident as follows during the trial.

“She had eaten Johnny’s weed when she was a puppy, and had bowel control issues for her entire life, among some other issues … So, she had some control issues, hence why she liked to burrow in the bed. She liked to be by the foot of the bed underneath the covers.It was customary that they slept in bed with his, with Boo having the issues she had, we had to leave her in bed so she would not be encouraged to go to the bathroom, which would happen almost immediately once you put her down on the floor, and sometimes it happened in bed, too … I did not notice anything but we left them in bed while we packed a bag to go to Coachella so that Boo “particularly, did not go to the bathroom on the floor. So we leave them in bed until we’re ready to take them outside to the patio.”

The incident is thus something that Amber now in retrospect accuses Johnny’s Yorkshie Terrier of having performed, which has also been disproved as physically impossible given the small size of the jerk.

In addition, one of Johnny Depp’s witnesses and also longtime employee Starling Jenkins has told how the actress herself told a friend that the stool in the bed was “horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

Everything is of course extremely childish and the whole circus undeniably sheds a rather unpleasant light on both Johnny and Amber, albeit in different ways. No one will win out of this. In the wake of the mess, more and more strong rumors have started to be heard claiming that Blake Lively is a potential replacement for Amber in the Aquaman 2 movie.

Amber Heard blames the now infamous stool on Depp's jycke
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