Amber Heard will not be able to use a photo of her split lip as evidence in the trial against Johnny Depp

Although we had a couple of days off, the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is again on everyone’s lips. The famous couple continues with the judicial process that will define in many ways the reputation and career of both. The public says they feel fed up with the subject, but with each new piece of news it is proven that they cannot look the other way. The most recent development is that one of the key pieces in Heard’s defense will not be admitted as evidence and the jury will not be able to take it into account in her decision. It is about the famous image of the actress with a split lip, a situation that she assures was caused by the protagonist of Minamata.

When Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were together, they were one of the most popular couples in Hollywood. Not everyone welcomed the fact that the actor left his partner for a younger actress, but that is not strange in the world either, so the pair did not hesitate to publicly show their affection. Rumors about their stormy relationship were immediate and legal problems followed from the beginning, such as when Heard had to publicly apologize to the Australian government for not following the protocols for introducing pets to the country. The matter was complicated when the tabloids began to share news about his excesses, but everything was unleashed when they ended their marriage and the protagonist of Aquaman requested a restraining order against the actor.

It did not take long for the matter to become a real scandal and it is here that the fight between the two began, which found its way through legal channels when Amber Heard published a special column where she said that she was a victim of domestic violence. In her writing she never mentions Depp’s name, but from the dates and the situations she mentions it is clear that she is referring to him. The actor assures that this piece ruined his reputation and his career, since he lost the possibility of continuing with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise: The Curse of the Black Pearl and had to withdraw from Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s secrets in the same way, his more recent films were released without much publicity and he spent years without working on anything more relevant.

Many continue to argue about the nature of their relationship. Some are sure that Depp is the real victim and that she was only reacting to Heard’s physical violence. While others say that she is the one who had to endure her attacks until she could escape from her. Others say that everything is better understood when we see the two as aggressors in a toxic and very dangerous dynamic. Depp’s reputation fell apart and did not recover after losing the lawsuit against The Sun, a publication he sued for calling him a “wife beater”, while Amber Heard secured his place in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, despite the request of the public that wants it out of the franchise.

The new trial that Depp started against Heard for defamation and damages has been quite public and there are even pages that broadcast everything live. Analysts report that neither is ahead, but that public opinion has served to improve Depp’s figure. Now, a decision by the judge could change things for Heard and make him lose ground in this lawsuit. According to Cinema Blend, the actress wanted to add as evidence of her a picture of her with a broken lip, which ended up that way after being assaulted by Depp. This photo would be of great help in her case, but the lawyers did not follow the protocols and did not add it as evidence at the right time, which happens before the trial in the investigation process.

Although the image cannot be used in court, the public already knows it well, as it is easy to find on the internet thanks to TMZ. In the photo, we see an Amber Heard with a split lip and holding up a note supposedly written by Depp after the attack that reads, “I’ll be back.” Johnny Depp’s team assures that it is a fabricated image, as there are no traces of swelling or other evidence of the alleged blow that Depp threw at him and caused him to bite his lip. In addition, the image data corresponds to 2012 and, under oath, the actress said that the first violent incident was in 2013. For its part, Heard’s team assures that it is real and that it was important for the jury to see it.

This lawsuit is still far from over and as long as the public is still interested, so is the media. There may not be clear winners legally, but the truth is that Johnny Depp is already being considered for important roles and Amber Heard has to deal with fans who want her outside of DC.

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