Ambre Dol (Large families): his cash response to those who harass his family

Ambre Dol decided to use the song We by Julien Doré to respond to those who attack his children on social networks. A perfect response to this cyberbullying.

On the Instagram account of the Dol family, one of the tribes of Large families: life in XXL, Amber Dol decided to post the lyrics of Julien Doré’s song, Us: “We’ll go see the sea. See if people are proud. Imagine going up in the water. Although we didn’t know how to do anything. We have nothing more to lose. A little stomach and ego . And a few tongues to undo. To see them again please. Us, us, us. We don’t give a damn about you. You can take anything. As long as we are tender us. We, us, us. ‘Who cares about you. You can take anything. As long as we are tender to us. We … “. A response to the cyberstalking of which the Dol family has been a victim since its appearance in TF1 reality TV. Alexandre, the father of the family, has notably received criticism of his role as a stepfather. On a Facebook page of Large families – who will welcome the Orgeval a new family that will move you it was question of the relation of Alexandre with Jade and Maëlys, the daughters of Amber judged “too close” by Internet users. “They were talking about pedophilia and incest“, had told us Amber Dol.

“I wish you to find peace, happiness other than by attacking others”

“These words of Julien Doré reflect a little the state of mind of the moment… Remember that to attack children is small, very small! We are stronger than that, much more. I wish you to find peace, happiness other than attacking others, than trying to crush them hidden behind your screens! This certainly brings you a feeling of superiority and glory for a few moments … We don’t need that to live, to to love each other, to exist., writes Ambre Dol as an illustration of two photos of her with her five children.

Ambre Dol wanted to file a complaint against his attacks

“I went to the gendarmerie. I was received and listened to and I was told that it was going to take a long time, that people had to be found, that it was public defamation. I understood. that it would be complicated. I tell myself that they make a fool of themselves by writing this, that they have an unhappy life “, had explained to us Amber Dol, who has talked about it a lot with his two daughters: “They were affected when I received criticism. They were annoyed. I explained that we were not in the country of Care Bears and that some people had sad lives and that they gave importance behind their screen“.


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