Ambre Dol (Large families): this radical decision evoked after her 5th child

If Ambre Dol today dreams of a sixth child, this was not always the case. The mom revealed by Large families, life in XXL even came close to making a radical decision after the birth of her last daughter.

Ambre Dol is one of the key faces of the TF1 show Large families, life in XXL. Since season 2, viewers can follow the daily life of this mother at the head of a recomposed tribe of five children with her husband Alex, dad of the last two and exemplary step-dad of the three eldest. And the latter would like to expand her clan! At the end of September, on her Instagram account, the mother of the family thus expressed her pressing but unfortunately unfulfilled desire for motherhood. “It is difficult for me to accept that I will no longer carry life … I try to make up my mind !!! The desire for motherhood is very present! I sometimes wake up at 4 am thinking about it” , she explained then.

“I was even talking about tubal ligation”

However, Ambre Dol did not always nurture this dream of becoming a mother for the sixth time. On the contrary. Right after the birth of her youngest daughter Winona, who just turned two, the candidate of Large families, life in XXL was even done with the kids and almost made a drastic decision she revealed during an interview with our colleagues from Gala this Wednesday, October 13. “After Winona, I said : ‘I do not want it anymore’. I was even talking about tubal ligation. I was saying : ‘No no, it’s over’ “the mother confides in it. She then explains why she no longer saw herself embarking on a new pregnancy:”In fact, when I had Winona, I said to myself never more children because Winona struggled with her nights, because I was still quite exhausted last year, because I managed a lot stuff, Instagram, product placements, so I amplified my work time. “

Baby cravings again

Ambre Dol then adds:When we have just given birth, not all women want to put the table back on. Except that once the difficult postpartum period passed, she changed her mind. Today the urge for a new baby is back : “There, frankly, it tickles me “. Unfortunately, a sixth child is not on the program for Ambre and Alex Dol, who got married this summer: “It takes two to want it and real Alex doesn’t want it.” Her husband is therefore not willing to expand the family. “The real reason is that he doesn’t want to change cars and take a minibus“laughs Ambre Dol. And the mother of a large family concludes:”I am really made to have children, I must have a perineum and a concrete uterus.

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