AMD gains further market share in the CPU field

Mercury Research has recently published the data relating to first quarter of 2022all of which highlighted a significant contraction of the CPU marketapart from the segment IoT And SoCwith a substantial decrease of 30% regarding desktop PCs.

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Mercury Research 1Q2022

Despite a rather ominous quarter, AMD has also managed to gain market share, reaching the 27.7% than that of x86 processors, a good 7% more than last year. According to Dean McCarron Mercury, Intel suffered the most as it ran out of excess CPU stocks it had produced over the past few months. AMD not only managed to conquer new shares of the desktop market, but also of the notebook market, where it reached 22.5%, and that of servers (11.6%).

Even considering that there has been a general decline, truly remarkable results have also been achieved. McCarron of Mercury said, in this regard:

Despite the decline, the market had several records, including all-time highs for server processor revenue, units and IoT / semi-custom revenue, and a new record for average selling prices for combined client CPUs. (desktop and notebook).

Decreasing shipments of low-priced entry-level CPUs and strong acceleration of new mobile processors (Alder Lake CPUs for Intel and Barcelo and Rembrandt CPU cores for AMD) have resulted in much higher mobile CPU prices, helping to establish the record average selling prices of client CPUs (combining desktops and notebooks) of $ 138.

As for the market ARMwhich is now no longer counting on the arrival of a giant like Apple in the world of consumer computers (and beyond), McDarron said:

Our estimate of the share of ARM PCs (including Apple’s Chromebooks and M1-based Macs) is 11.3%, up from 10.3% last quarter and just double from 5.9% in one year ago. Although Apple’s Mac sector declined in the first quarter, the decline was small compared to the X86 PC market.

For all the details and the figures recorded in each sector, we refer you to the complete article at following address.

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