American quits job to breastfeed her 36-year-old boyfriend every two hours

KaUS-American Jennifer Mulford (36) breastfeeds her 36-year-old boyfriend several times a day. (Photo montage with symbol image on the right)

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Hard to believe but true: American Jennifer Mulford (36) breastfeeds her 36-year-old boyfriend several times a day. She says she likes to do this to strengthen the couple’s bond. Your friend is enjoying it.

Atlanta- You can hardly believe it. A message shocked many people. The American Jennifer Mulford (36) breastfeeds her boyfriend. In return, she even quit her job as a waitress in order to be able to supply her lover with breast milk several times a day. from IPPEN.MEDIA reports.

American drinks girlfriend’s breast milk

According to the DailyMail, Jennifer Mulford has read that breastfeeding with breast milk should strengthen the mother-child relationship. However, the young woman transfers this to her partner. She wants to strengthen the bond with him. That’s why she lets her boyfriend drink directly from her chest several times a day.

So that she can take care of him regularly, she quit her job as a waitress. Her partner Brad Leeson is very enthusiastic about this, as he describes milk as a high source of protein. Since he’s an athlete and bodybuilder, this does fine.

He is allowed to suckle her breast every two hours

Jennifer Mulford has her boyfriend on her chest every two hours to provide him with the best nutrients. Since the last pregnancy of the 36-year-old was already 20 years ago, she trains extra so that she can continue to give breast milk.

The couple therefore do dry exercises every day to simulate the body that it needs to breastfeed a baby. For the couple, “breastfeeding” also has something sexual about it. It would bring them closer together. Supposedly, breastfeeding with breast milk leads to increased sex, up to 12 times a day. Then the couple is well utilized so far.

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