AMLO criticizes unnecessary spending of one thousand million pesos by electoral bodies

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO)indicated that a electoral reform to avoid excessive and unnecessary spending that are carried out in the local electoral organisms, as was the spending of one billion pesos that was used to pay bonds, vouchers, overpayment and even the withholding of taxes so as not to deliver them to the Ministry of Finance.

It was reported to The Truth News that after a detected gap of one billion pesos Thanks to the audits carried out on the institutes in electoral matters, the president revealed that it is immoral that there are “rich institutions with poor people.”

That is why the president pointed out that organizations must be renewedso that they are led by honest people and so avoid unnecessary waste of resources.

“Now we are going to start discussing the reform, that is the purpose: that there be honesty, that there be no such high salaries for the directors, per diem, all the luxuries that are given. There cannot be a rich government, rich institutions, with a poor people, it is immoral. And honest people are required, what we are proposing is that they be elected by the people, ”said the president at his press conference, who only sent his Electoral Reform proposal to Congress in April.

He assured that it is necessary to create a single electoral institute, but honest

AMLO criticizes unnecessary spending of one thousand million pesos by electoral bodies

The president criticized the incensary expenses of the institutes

The president indicated that he does not want to get too involved in the issue, since it is the responsibility of the political parties to discuss it, but he reiterated that it is necessary to disappear the electoral bodies so that a single honest electoral institute organizes the elections throughout the country.

“Yes, yes, reach an agreement, have a reliable body of people of unquestionable honesty to organize all the elections. Imagine how much we saved, but what did the reactionary bloc say? That they are not going to approve anything, a legislative strike. In any case, we are going to present the proposal and respectfully request the Legislative Power to dialogue and discuss this reform”, he pointed out.

According to Milenio, between 2018 and 2020, at least 29 institutes and local courts filed inconsistencies for at least 977 million 918 thousand 280 pesos of public resources, money that would have been used irregularly without documentation proving that it was used properly.

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What number of president is AMLO in Mexico?

AMLO criticizes unnecessary spending of one thousand million pesos by electoral bodies

His term will end in 2024.

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, better known as AMLO, is the president number 63 of the United Mexican States. He began his six-year term in 2018 and should finish his term in 2024.

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