AMLO makes Mexican lithium available to the automotive sector

Claudia Guerrero and Benito Jimenez/Reform

Friday, August 05, 2022 | 08:52

Mexico City.- President Andrés Manuel López Obrador opened the door for Mexican lithium to be exploited by the automotive industry that operates in the country.

In a conference from the National Palace, the Federal President reported that the state lithium company that his Government seeks to create will make the strategic mineral available to that sector in order to strengthen the industry.

“This company can interact or have commercial relations with the country’s automotive industry, that is, it will be an attractive input to strengthen our industry or the automotive industry plants that are installed in Mexico, that is, we have this input and we are going to make it available to the automotive industry that is manufacturing cars, auto parts in Mexico”.

“That is if we have already thought it through so that Mexico continues to be an attractive country and plants for the automotive industry continue to be installed, that is the purpose, it is not, let’s see, I have this input that is important and I sell it to anyone, yes It may be, but the priority is to strengthen the automotive industry installed in Mexico, we are analyzing that and we are very aware of it deciding on the characteristics of the company,” he said.

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