AMLO proposes a consultation on the presence of the Army until 2028, he already has the questions

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador will seek to carry out a consultation to define whether the presence of the Army in the streets extends, or not, until 2028.

“I was thinking yesterday that the best thing was to make a consultation to the citizens, that it is not a top issue; I already have here the proposal of the three questions”, the president said as he projected his proposed questions.


During his press conference, the president defended his proposal for the National Guard becomes control of the National Defense, as well as the extension so that the Armed forces remain in public security duties until 2028.

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“That people decide, of course, that we have time to debate, to continue giving information to those who are in favor, those who are against and that it is not a top issue.”


$! The president of Mexico already has even the proposed questions

The president of Mexico already has even the proposed questions

The president indicated that he will seek to make the consultation legal and pointed to the Secretary of the Interior as the dependency that will be in charge of organizing it; however, by law, it must be the National Electoral Institute the person in charge of doing it.

The president’s statements come after the plenary session of the Senate of the Republic suspended the debate and vote on the opinion that intends to expand the participation of the Armed Forces in public security tasks until 2028.

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The constitutional reform was facing failure, since Morena’s parliamentary group failed to gather a qualified majority (two thirds of the attendees) and before a vote there was a risk of discarding the matter.

With the matter in committee, a new period of debate opens to seek votes, with the possibility of changing the opinion that arrived unchanged from the Chamber of Deputies.

According to the Federal Law of Popular Consultation, the INE must be in charge of the organization and development of the popular consultation Y “It will be the responsibility of its executive directorates and technical units at the central level; With regard to decentralized bodies, the corresponding local and district executive councils and boards will be competent.”


“Issues of national or regional importance, competence of the Federation, will be subject to popular consultation”it reads in the law.

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