AMLO seeks people who suffered electoral fraud to draft reform

The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, better known as AMLO, indicated that it will look for citizens who have been victims of electoral fraud to write and create the electoral reform you will work on.

It was during his press conference on Thursday, August 19, that the president indicated:

“We do need a thorough electoral reform. I am going to invite a group of citizens, those who know about this matter, those who have suffered from electoral fraud ”, he indicated in his morning conference.

Although he did not reveal an exact date, nor did he give more details about it, the official indicated that very It will soon be convening a working group to carry out this project. Well, as we have revealed in The Truth News the president has assured that electoral fraud will not be allowed.

AMLO has the participation of citizens

The president will summon people to create the electoral reform

After announcing changes in the INE and TEPJF due to the electoral reform, the president indicated that he hopes to have the participation of the population, as he pointed out: “There is a lot of experience in Mexico, a lot of capable people. Of course, women, migrants, indigenous peoples, all citizens must be taken into account. We all have to develop a project, “he said.

The president indicated that although it is his responsibility to draft this reform dIt is essential to count on the participation of the citizenry. He also pointed out that the project will first be made known to the population before it is sent to the union’s congress for a formal review.

What is considered electoral fraud?

The president does not want electoral fraud to continue

In accordance with the provisions of the federal government page “Electoral crimes are those actions or omissions that injure or endanger the proper development of the electoral function and undermine the characteristics of the vote that must be universal, free, direct, personal, secret and non-transferable.”

That is why President AMLO hopes to have citizenship who has suffered from electoral fraud to draft a new reform.

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