AMLO will not attend the Summit of the Americas if the US does not invite all countries

Mexico City.- The president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, said that he will not attend the Summit of the Americas to be held in the US if all countries are not invited, after US President Joe Biden announced that he would exclude nations such as Cuba and Venezuela.

“If it is excluded, if everyone is not invited, a representation of the Government of Mexico will go, but I would not go. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard would represent me,” said López Obrador, who considered that it would be a “protest” message because he does not want “the same policy to continue in America.”

During his morning conference on May 10, the Mexican president considered that this decision would not harm Mexico’s bilateral relationship with the United States.

“We are not here for confrontation, we are here to join hands, to unite, and even if we have differences we can resolve them, at least by listening to each other, by talking, but not excluding anyone. Besides, no one has the right to exclude, that no one excludes anyone,” he added.

López Obrador referred to a phrase from the first US president, George Washington, to establish his position. “The nations should not take advantage of the misfortune of other peoples,” was the quote from Washington made by the Mexican president.

The president also pointed out that “minority groups” in the US are pressing for some countries not to be invited to the meeting, but considered that this is not the feeling of the American people.

“How can a summit of the Americas be without all the countries of the Americas?” questioned the Mexican president. “Will it be possible to call it the Summit of the Americas? It would not be that, if it is excluded,” he stressed.

The IX Summit of the Americas will be held from June 6 to 10 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Since the end of April, the Cuban Foreign Ministry described as a “serious setback” the fact that the US sought to exclude the island and other countries from the summit, for political reasons.

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