AMLO yields to US lobbyists; go for more clean energy

CDMX.- After weeks of lobbying by the United States Government, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced agreements with 17 companies from that country for the production of clean energy, the possible construction of solar parks on the northern border and the investment of 2 billion dollars to reduce 98 percent of Pemex’s methane gas emissions.

The President made the announcements during his participation in the Forum of the Major Economies on Energy and Climate Action, to which he was invited by his counterpart Joe Biden.

The new commitments of the Mexican Government were presented in a Decalogue, just three days after the President was visited at the National Palace by the White House Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, and after two weeks of meetings with the Ambassador American Ken Salazar.

“We celebrate dialogues and commitments with 17 American companies in the energy sector to guarantee investments destined to generate 1,854 megawatts of solar energy and wind energy,” he reported, during the remote transmission.

“As a result of these agreements, the creation of solar parks on the border between Mexico and the United States is being explored, as well as the construction of energy transmission networks that allow electricity to be exported to California and other states of the American Union.”

López Obrador also reported on a $2 billion plan for Petróleos Mexicanos to stop burning the fuel.

“The national company Pemex will allocate an investment of 2 billion dollars of its own resources and international credits, at special rates, to reduce methane gas emissions in exploration and production processes in the industry by up to 98 percent. oil company,” he said.

Despite his criticism of the US policy to promote the production of electric cars, the President announced that Mexico joins the collective commitment of the world’s main economies to reach, in 2030, the goal of producing 50 percent of zero vehicles polluting emissions.

In this context, he took the opportunity to show off the recently approved reform in the Mexican Congress to nationalize the exploration, exploitation and use of lithium, which he referred to as “a strategic mineral in the manufacture of batteries.”

The Tabasco politician reported that Mexico will maintain its commitment to produce, with clean and renewable sources, at least 35% of all the energy consumed in the national territory, with a deadline of 2024, the last year of his Government.

The President incorporated into the decalogue some actions that he had already announced in previous forums, such as the modernization of 16 hydroelectric plants, to produce more than 2,000 GW/hr per year; the construction of a photovoltaic park in Sonora, with a capacity of one thousand megawatts, and the investment of 1.5 billion dollars in the Sembrando Vida reforestation program.

López Obrador defended his decision to allocate millionaire resources to the refining of fossil fuels, in the search for self-sufficiency; the construction of the new refinery in Dos Bocas and the construction of two coking plants in Tula and Salina Cruz to process fuel oil.

“To transform fuel oil into gasoline and achieve a significantly lower environmental impact, that is, pollute less or stop polluting,” he asserted.

In the midst of the protests and litigation by environmentalists against one of the sections of the Mayan Train, the chief executive concluded his message, launching a particular praise for John Kerry.

“I express without hesitation our solidarity on this momentous issue with President Biden and Secretary Kerry, a true environmentalist,” he added.

thanks Biden

In response, both Biden and Kerry thanked López Obrador for his participation and hoped that both countries can work together to advance the energy transition.

“Thank you very much again for all your work and I would like to urge all of us to continue looking for opportunities, when possible, to work more together,” said the US president.

“I would like to thank the President of Mexico for his latest comments on working together with the United States. We look forward to continuing to work with you, Mr. President.”

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