AMLO’s electricity reform is contrary to the spirit of the T-MEC: AmCham

In the midst of a process of economic reactivation in which Mexico and the United States make joint efforts to relocate and develop regional supply chains, the electricity counter-reform proposed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will lead to Mexico losing the opportunity to be a thriving and competitive economy, and will compromise the prosperity of the North America, alerted the American Chamber of México (AmCham).

More than 1,000 US companies operating in Mexico expressed their concern about the effects that the proposed constitutional reform would have on energy, since it contravenes the commitments established by Mexico in the Mexico, United States, Canada Treaty (T-MEC), by reducing power supply options.

If the electricity reform is approved, “it would affect Mexican families and industry due to its environmental and economic repercussions and compliance with international commitments, particularly the Treaty between Mexico, the United States and Canada (T-MEC) ”, The private body sentenced the legislators.

The AmCham affirmed that Mexican consumers need reliable energy, from diverse sources and at affordable prices; However, the constitutional reform in energy matters would affect Mexico’s competitiveness and is contrary to the spirit of the T-MEC.

The private sector investments complement those of the public sector and contribute to energy security, the competitiveness of the country and the integration of North America, so the American Chamber asked Congress to focus energy legislation on: “economy and consumer health; The rule of law; sustainability; and certainty in the business environment ”.

For the international business organization, the electricity counter-reform will negatively affect the climate of confidence and certainty necessary for the recovery, since it does not propose to respect, until expiration, the regulatory and contractual schemes, under which long-term investments were made ”.

The AmCham He added that López Obrador’s initiative generates concern in private sector companies, increases the risk of shortages and could increase the final cost of energy in Mexican homes; in addition to increasing the energy costs of the productive chains on Mexican soil and negatively affecting the confidence of investors.

“We are convinced that the best way to strengthen the country’s energy security and competitiveness is through the complementary participation of different companies from the public and private sectors that, in an environment of free competition and stable rules, compete to offer clean energy. , reliable, resilient and affordable to Mexican homes and businesses, ”he said.


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